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Music of Christmas and the New Year

Music of Christmas and the New Year
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From December 14, 2007 to December 31, 2007, in the Music and Audio Materials Reading Room (room 305) is open an exhibition “The Wonder will be done. Music of Christmas and the New Year”.

The exhibition presents music publications and audio materials, books, and scenarios of children’s New Year carnivals.

Holidays, especially Christmas and the New Year, cannot do without music. Tradition of the New Year celebrating exists 25 centuries at the least; in other words, it originates in traditions of ancient tribes.Our ancestries were farmers who regarded the winter solstice (December 24) as the beginning of the New Year and used to glorify the Sol Invictus that day.

Slavonic peoples gave to Europe original traditions and festivities, among them – congratulatory and laudatory songs. People used to sing them while making the round of dwellings which symbolized the arrival of the spirits of forefathers. There existed particular songs for the New Year’s Eve and Christmas-tide. When Slavonic peoples were converted to Christianity, traditional people’s songs filled little by little with Christian motives. In the XVI–XVIII centuries were composed authors’ Christmas songs resembling Latin hymns. Authors’ Christmas songs remained to our time and they are a musical symbol of a wonderful Christmas night and winter holidays all over the world.

At the exhibition are displayed both people’s and author’s Christmas songs, including foreign materials. Among them: “Advent and Christmas Songs”, “Kolędy i pastorałki”, Orthodox Christmas motets, the New Year songs in Georgian and Hungarian languages, and works by Belarusian composers Lyudmila Shleg and Eugene Poplavsky. The exhibition presents number of CDs and vinyl disks, including classical works by I.S. Bach, and Christmas concerts by Baroque composers; the first vinyl disks with the New Year ditties (1936, 1937, and 1938), scenarios of Christmas plays of the beginning of the ХХ century, and rare editions by C. Frank and C. Debussy (the late XIX century).

Contact:+375 17 293-27-52

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