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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
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From December 15th, 2009, before Christmas and the New Year, National Library of Belarus offers a book exhibition "Merry Christmas and happy New Year!” which is located in the circular passage on the second floor.

The vivid and picturesque exposition tells about the history of the holidays, Slavic traditional beliefs and legends. In the particular section of the exhibition – “A coin box of good advice” –visitors will find recommendations how to make an original interior design, how to manufacture souvenirs from beads, salty dough and batik, how to make masks and Christmas-tree decorations, how to lay the celebratory table. The gift edition on ceremonial cookery contains data on forgotten but revived religious sacraments and traditional ceremonial dishes.

The book by E.V. Ivanov’s “Christmas and the New Year in postcards” (St.-Petersburg, 2000) created on the basis of the author’s collection of postcards is of a doubtless art interest. The author considers the common things and phenomena in a wide cultural context.

The catalog “Christmas-tree decorations. 1900–1970. Collectors’ Guide” (St.-Petersburg, 2004) contains information on the most rare and fashionable Christmas-tree decorations manufactured by glass industry and artels of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Germany (more than 1 000 illustrations and 1 500 patterns).

Amateurs of poetry will find at the exposition Christmas poems by I. Brodsky, Vl. Soloviev, A. Fet, M. Lermontov, F. Sologub, K. Balmont, A. Blok, M. Tsvetayeva, and other outstanding Russian poets (the illustrated book of poetry “Merry Christmas!”, Moscow, 2004). The “place of honor” is given to “Night before Christmas” by N.V. Gogol and “Christmas Tales” by Charles Dickens. Also books of congratulations, wishes and toasts, poems, fairy tales and Christmas stories are presented to visitors’ attention.

Books of scenarios for children’s holidays will be interesting for pedagogues.

Contact: (+375-17) 293-28-86, 293-29-80.


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