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Jubilant Colors

Jubilant Colors
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Jubilant Colors, a book-illustrative exhibition dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Russian artist, graphic artist, illustrator, stage designer and sculptor Boris Kustodiev, runs in the fine arts reading room (306), from 6 March to 4 April 4.

Boris Kustodiev (1878–1927) is an artist of rare, unlimited talent. His skill is particularly evident in depicting the traditional way of life of the Russian province and the colorful, festive side of village life. Kustodiyev's favorite motives were scenes of urban and rural festivities, motley crowds of fairs, Shrovetide riding on troikas and unhurried ritual of tea drinking. The artist’s painting bears in itself a charge of amazing energy, joy and a sense of abundant life. Reproductions of the paintings Maslenitsa, Fair, Bathing, Hay Mowing, Merchant's Wife at Tea, The Beauty can be a vivid example.

The portrait is an integral part of Kustodiev's work, in which he manifests as a judge of character and a remarkable painter. The best are the portraits of the artist I. Bilibin, the engraver V. Mate, the singer F. Chaliapin, as well as the portraits of the artist's family members. The offered exhibition presents reproductions of these and many other paintings. Art lovers will appreciate facsimile reproductions by Kustodiev’s Russian Types, which is a series of watercolors depicting people of various social groups: craftsmen, traders, artisans, cabmen.

The artist achieved great skill in the art of graphics. He created a series of drawings and engravings: portraits, vivid landscapes and illustrations to the works of Russian writers. Visitors to the exhibition will see Kustodiyev's illustrations for works by Nekrasov, Pushkin, as well as reproductions of linocuts and lithographs of the artist from the collection of the A.S. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

About 60 reproduction albums, books and cards are on display.

Contact us: (+375 17) 293 27 53.


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30 May 2018

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