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Holiday poster exhibition “Happy New Year!”

Holiday poster exhibition “Happy New Year!”
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An exhibition “Happy New Year!: holiday posters from the stacks of the National Library of Belarus” runs from December 17 to January 20 at reading room 307.

In particular periods of history, a poster as most popular, democratic and operative kind of graphic art became a major means of representing cultural, political and economic life of society.

As a rule, a poster is created on-the-fly as an immediate reaction to some event, and it is not designed for long-term use. However, due to historical and artistic value, the best works rank as true masterpieces and become symbols of an epoch.

A holiday poster is a major piece of the poster art. Along with newspapers and journals, it bears the marks of time and that is why it remains an important source that help us learn how people interpreted one or another holiday in the past.

The New Year poster has become a traditional holiday decoration giving good mood and reminding of the forthcoming holiday.

More than 30 posters dedicated to the New Year holiday are displayed at the exhibition.

The exposition is designed for all who is interested in the history of graphics and the art of poster.

Contact phone numbers: (+375-17) 293-27-58.



The Feeling of an Endless Light

1 Jul 2022

On the 80th anniversary of Siarhiej Fiodaravic Davidovic, the Hall of Belarusian Literature (room 205) hosts the exhibition “The Feeling of an Endless Light” from July 1 to August 15.

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