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Energy saving – sound economy

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From November 1, 2008, in the Periodicals Reading Room (room 106) is open a book exhibition “Energy saving – sound economy”.

An effectual use of fuel and energy resources and energy saving is one of the foreground task of Belarusian state energy policy which would assure a stable energy supply with the predicted rate of growth.

At the exhibition are displayed over 30 articles from periodicals.

Conception of energy security of the Republic of Belarus approved by the President Decree № 433 of September 17, 2007, is of great practical importance for all branches of economy. In the article “New Conception of energy security” from the journal “Energy and TEK” (2008) displayed at the exhibition L. Shenets, the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus comments this argument.

The article “Effectual use, expert economy” by A. Ozerts, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus published in the journal “Economy of Belarus” (2007) is dedicated to the issues of an effectual use of fuel and energy.

At the exhibition is displayed das well the publication by L. Prischepa “Energy saving and reduction of production power intensity - the major factors of a sustainable development of economy” (Management Issues. 2008, № 1). There are examined unconventional and renewable energy sources in the context of energy carriers rise in prices.

The exhibition is open till December 30, 2008.

Contact: +375 17 293-25-87.


Let's Create a Project Together

21 Sep 2020

A virtual project "On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life", timed to the 100th anniversary of the literary association "Maladnyak" (1923-1928), includes a lot of interesting and informative things. These are photographs of the writers, their family and friends, manuscripts and letters, photos of personal belongings of the members of "Maladnyak", full texts of their pieces. Important material that makes the project "alive" and relevant are the articles of modern researchers. With the permission of the authors, we place digitized copies of publications that are available to readers in full.

To the 100th Anniversary of “Maladnyak