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Devotion to a calling

Devotion to a calling
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From December 24 to March 17, in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205), an anniversary book exhibition "Devotion to the vocation" is being held, the exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Mushinsky (1931-2018).

Mikhail is one of the most prominent contemporary Belarusian literary critics, textual critics, critics and scientists. In many of his works, he not only revealed the creative process and legacy of many classics of Belarusian literature, but also gave a complete picture of the history of Belarusian literature, especially the history of Belarusian criticism and literary criticism. Mr Mushinsky the researcher has a tendency to always go his own way, beaten paths, to look for new approaches to the study of such a complex matter as fiction.

"Tireless Researcher" is a section of the exposition that introduces visitors to the creative legacy of Mikhail Mushinsky: monographs, scientific articles, prefaces written by him in different periods of his life. The main place is occupied by works related to the personality and work of Yakub Kolas: "Yakub Kolas: a chronicle of life and work", "Textology of the works of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas", "My Kolasavins: from the experience of studying the literary and sociocultural activities of Yakub Kolas." The preface to the poems "New Land", "Simon the Musician", the preface to the 20-volume collection of works by Y. Kolas "To His Time and Eternity", which clearly reveals the researcher's view of the great national singer and his role in the development of national and world literature. The monograph by M. Mushinsky "An ascetic with Malaya Bogatskaya: the life and career of Makim Goretsky" significantly enriches the reader's ideas about the personality of M. Goretsky as a writer, translator, publicist and citizen. Readers will also be interested in the books "Indomitable Talent: A True Story of the Life and Work of Mikhail Zaretsky", "History of Belarusian Literature of the 20th Century" in 4 volumes, as well as the capacious publication "Chronicle of the Life and Work of Ivan Petrovich Shemyakin".

In a separate section, there are books written or edited by M. Mushinsky. Under his leadership, scientific and commented collections of works by I.Melezh, P.Brovka, M.Lynkov, P.Pestrak, Z.Bedula, M. Bogdanovich and others were published.

There are numerous materials about the life and work of Mikhail Mushinsky in the "Light of the Soul" section. Among the researchers of his work are V.Rohoysha, T.Golub, S.Lavshuk, A.Martinovich, V.Kovalenko, M.Mischanchuk, M.Levchenko and others.

The exhibition opening hours correspond to the library opening hours.
Entrance – with a library card or a ticket for the social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 53.

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