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Beyond reality: explanation of the unknown

Beyond reality: explanation of the unknown
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From November 10th, 2009, to December 17th, 2009, in National Library of Belarus is open a book exhibition “Beyond reality: explanation of the unknown”.

The world live in is complex and diverse. It becomes now clear, that we need studying the unknown with the use of all opportunities accessible to the person.

We wonder whether all the secrets will be sometime solved, whether there will be a reasonable explanation to them.

The knowledge of the nature collected for millennia, and huge stocks of energy of minerals which has become accessible, have led to fantastic growth of productive forces. Radio, TV, computers, space exploration, “tame” nuclear energy, and genetic engineering have given us such blessings of which our ancestors could not even dream.

The history of mankind is noted by great variety of the inexplicable phenomena which reality have been persistently challenged and denied by representatives of natural sciences for long time.

Abnormal zones and contacts to the UFO; mysterious tornados and the undiscovered mystery of tsunami; fireballs; mummies and mysterious Christian relics and prophets; paranormal abilities of the person; the hypotheses explaining the nature of the most different riddles and secrets, - all these themes have received reflection at the book exhibition which offers a fascinating travel to the world of unusual, mysterious phenomena which stay undiscovered as yet.

The exhibition includes the following sections:

  • “The mysterious Earth”;
  • “Those who look into the future”;
  • “Beyond the reality”;
  • “Mysterious and unknown”;
  • “Fabulous possibilities of the person”;
  • “Mysterious persons”;
  • “Indigo children... they are not like others”.

Getting acquainted with the extensive material (about 300 newest editions) displayed at the exhibition, we understand how much mysterious is there about the person and the world.

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