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A society for all ages

A society for all ages
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From October 1 to November 16, the Documents for International Organizations reading room hosted a thematic exhibition titled "Society for All Ages" in honour of International Day of Older Persons (207g).

The exhibit highlights the social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of how older people are treated in contemporary society, introduces readers to international ageing action plans, programmes, and strategies, and provides materials that highlight the needs and issues of older people in addition to statistical data and demographic forecasts.

About 90 items in both Russian and English, including books, periodical publications, booklets, leaflets, and mimeographed materials, are included in the show. They include textbooks, encyclopaedias, reference books, monographs, materials from scientific and practical conferences, statistical collections, and international and national legal papers.

The exhibit aims to create public awareness of the issue of the demographic ageing of society, as well as the issues facing older people and their individual and social demands.

The exhibition includes the following thematic sections:

  • International and national documents aimed at the realization of all the rights and fundamental freedoms of older persons
  • Participation of older persons in the economic, political and social life of society
  • Medical care, support and social protection for the elderly
  • Demographic aging of society: statistical data
  • The elderly in the Republic of Belarus

The exhibition will be of interest to sociologists, specialists in the field of demography, employees of various government agencies, social workers, teachers and students of higher educational institutions, as well as anyone interested in modern social and demographic problems.

The International Day of Older Persons was proclaimed at the 45th session of the UN General Assembly (resolution 45/106) on December 14, 1990 and is celebrated annually on October 1.

This holiday is a tribute to respect and attention to people who have worked for many years, had hard trials, and had a rich life experience. At all times, society has treated the older generation with special respect, embodying the wisdom, best features and traditions of the people.

A significant increase in the number of older people in the world has required a serious review of their role in society and attitudes towards them in general. In 1991, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Principles on Older Persons contained in resolution 46/91. In 2002, the Second World Assembly on Ageing adopted the Madrid Plan of Action on Ageing. It provided for new measures in the areas of employment for older persons, increasing their incomes, improving health care, education and social security, and stressed the importance of older persons' participation in decision-making processes at all levels.

Belarus has developed a system of State-guaranteed measures aimed at ensuring the vital activity and full participation of senior citizens in society. Complexes of benefits and guarantees, social support measures have been developed, and state programs are being implemented. The Republic has established a legislative framework that defines State policy in working with the elderly.

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The opening hours of the exhibition corresponds to the library’s opening hours.
Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 26.

The article is provided by the Official Documents Service department.


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