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A Poet of the Lake Area

A Poet of the Lake Area
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From November 5 to December 5, the Hall of Belarusian Literature (room 205) hosts the anniversary exhibition "A Poet of the Lake Area", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian poet, novelist, playwright, translator Mikhail Mashara (1902-1976).

Mikhail Mashara made a great contribution to the Russian literature of the 20th century. In his works, he reflected important social events and the growth of self-awareness of the Belarusian people. The writer's work is a bright and rich page in the life of Belarusians. Mikhail Mashara has been a member of the USSR Writers ' Union since 1940. All the best that the hero of the day created takes pride of place in the treasury of Belarusian literature.

To the attention of visitors to the exhibition in the section “Live Stream” a trilogy dedicated to the liberation movement of Western Belarus is presented, which includes the novels “The Creses are struggling” (1966), “The sun is behind bars” (1968), “Lukishki” (1970), as well as the novels “It was the twentieth year coming” (1973), “And the time will come…” (1975) and the book of memoirs of the writer “Pages of the Chronicle” (1975). The theme of the Motherland, admiration for the beauty of its landscapes, and the glorification of the work of the people form the basis of Mikhail Mashara's poems. On the shelves are the poetry collections “Drawings”  (1928), ‘From under the Eaves of straw” (1937), “Belarus” (1944), “Selected lyrics” (1945), “Because of a thunderstorm” (1948), “Celebration” (1952), “Selected works” (1958), “From native donkeys” (1959), “My Lake Country” (1962), a poem "Mom’s slides” (1936) and drama “Easy bread” (1936), as well as publications for children “Cuckoo's tears” (1961), “Zelenushka and Krakatushka” (1964) etc. The section is supplemented by collections and periodicals that include author's works, as well as notes with poems by M. Mashara, to which music was written by composers Nikolai Aladov, Georgi Pukst, Yuri Semenyaka and others.

Visitors can also get acquainted with books, collections and periodicals where M. Mashara's translations into Belarusian are published: these are poetic and prose works of famous masters of the word – Nikolai Gogol, Maksym Rylsky, Wladislaw Broniewski, Adam Mickiewicz, etc. The works of M. Mashara, translated into different languages of the world, are also presented.

In the last section of the exhibition "In the service of the people" materials about the life and work of the hero of the day are displayed.

The books presented in the exhibition can be ordered through the electronic catalog of the National Library of Belarus.

The exhibition's opening hours correspond to the library's opening hours.
Admission is by using a reader's ticket or a social and cultural center ticket.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16.

The material is provided by the Specialized Funds Service Department.


Handwritten catalogues of the library of the Nesvizh Ordination of the Radziwills

27 Nov 2023

At the XVI Belarusian-Russian scientific conference "Modern problems of book culture: main trends and prospects of development", held on November 22-23 at the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation, the chief bibliographer of the Department of Reference and Information Services V.N. Polunchenko made a report "The role of library manuscripts in the bibliographic reconstruction of the library of the Nesvizh Ordination".

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In memory of Larisa Finkelstein

24 Nov 2023

On November 21, Larisa Finkelstein, a good friend of the library, a well-known Belarusian art critic, art critic, curator of exhibitions, gallery owner, founder and art director of the author's non-profit conceptual gallery "Brama", a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, the Belarusian Union of Designers, the Belarusian Union of Literary and Art Critics, the Association of Art Critics (Russia), passed away.

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