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Winners of The First Minsk International Graphics Exhibition Art-Line

Winners of The First Minsk International Graphics Exhibition Art-Line
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On April 24, 2008, at 17.00, at the conference-hall of the National Library of Belarus took place the opening of the Minsk International Graphics Exhibition “Art-Line”.

Representatives of 12 countries participated in the event: Belarus, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria, Cuba, and Armenia.

The exhibition became one of the most important representations of the modern world trends of graphic art. Participants of the exhibition are both young artists and the eminent European masters. The exhibition is a real festival of different artistic techniques, technologies, creative manners, and aspirations. There are displayed various works from mini etchings to large monumental works.

Belarusian artists: Lyubov Abramova, Tamara Shelest, Vladimir Davgyallo, Kamil Kamal, Pavel Kastusik, Ivan Semiletov, Roman Sustov, Yuri Yakovenko;
Ukrainian artists: Galina Badyakova, Roman Romanishin, Oleg Denisenko;
Lithuanian artists: Marius Danius, Jurgita Gerkilajte, Todas Gindrenas;
Estonian artists: Andres Talli, Vrdje Eekalda, Marco Nautras, Piter Alik, Vive Toli;
Latvian artist: Ines Letskalnina;
Armenian artist: GregoryDanelyan;
Polish artists: Teresa Fradyma, Tomash Endjeyka, Katarzhina Krochek, Norbert Veskhalo, Vitold Zarebo;
Serbian artist: Vida Stefanovich;
Austrian artists: Dmitry Alekseev, Mark Fridvalsky;
German artist: Ulf Nazarenko;
Italian artist: Carla Acardi;
Cuban artists: Anna Rossa, Lam Vilfreda, Carrera Porta Rene, Edel Alonso, Rodriges Marianna, Hmenos Luis Pablo.

During the event took place the first Belarusian international contest.

International jury: Skulich Vitold, the professor, curator of Krakow Graphic Triennal (Poland); Salteniete Nijola, the graphic artist, chairman of graphic section of Lithuanian Artists’ Union (1995 – 2000), curator (Lithuania); Slavolyub Chvorovich, the professor of Belgrade Academy of Artists (Serbia); Maryon Tupits, the historian of arts, art-manger, curator (Estonia).

Head of the jury – Georg Poplavsky, the chairman of the jury, member of Russian Academy of Arts and National Academy of Arts of Belarus, people’s artist of Belarus.

Curator: Fyodor Yastreb, the head of the NLB gallery and exhibition department, chairman of the International Guild of Painters.

Members of the jury communicated via Internet; its work lasted for 10 days. Every artist received a diploma of the participant. 20 works were rewarded with diplomas.
Katarzhina Krochek, the Polish artist, won the Grand Prix.

Winners of the contest:

For an original decision:

Kamil Kamal
“Ship of Fairytales”. Lithograph. 50х66, 1997. Belarus
Yuri Yakovenko
“Lead”, etching, photo polymer. 21х14,5. 2007. Belarus
Vitold Zarebo
“Course One, Zero, Zero”. Linoleum engraving, digital printing. 70х100. 2006. Poland

For the high quality:

Piter Alik
“Unconsciousness”. Linoleum engraving. 2004. Estonia
Marius Danius
“Reflection”. Digital printing, silk. 2007.160х140. Lithuania
Roman Romanishin
“The Black Sea”. Color lithograph. 13х13,5. 2007. Ukraine

Diplomas of the Second Degree:

Dmitry Alekseev
“1”. Print. 21х29,7. Austria
Ines Letskalnina
“Intrigue”. Lithograph, 77х57, 2005. Latvia
Andres Talli
“Dance in the Dark І”. Digital printing. 2008. Estonia
Oleg Denisenko
Traveler”. Etching. 9х24,5. 2006. Ukraine
Ivan Semiletov
“Shadows”. Mixed technique, digital printing. 34х34. 2007-2008. Belarus
Vida Stefanovich
“Paradise Place”. Linoleum engraving. 59х44. Serbia
Vive Toli
“Confession I”. Meccotinta. 2000-2001. Estonia
Mark Fridvalsky
“AirIV”, Mixed technique, 21х29,7. 2007. Austria

Diplomas of the First

Roman Sustov
Foundation”. Etching. 15х17. 2007. Belarus
Norbert Veskhalo
“CompositionD.R.2”. Digital orinting, 59х87. 2005. Poland
Jurgita Gerkilajte
“Meditation7”. Digital printing, canvas. 127х114. Lithuania
Todas Gindrenas
S.R.”. Linoleum engraving. 127х100. Lithuania
Tomash Endjeyka
“No Name 4”. Serialographic unit, 70х100. 2005. Poland

Grand Prix:

Katarzhina Krochek
“World CreationIV”. Digital printing, 66х90. 2005. Poland

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