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Vitebsk. Art-50

Vitebsk. Art-50
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On February 16th in National Library of Belarus took place the opening of the art exhibition “Vitebsk. Art-50”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of P. Masherov Vitebsk State University and the 50th anniversary of its art-graphic faculty.

The art-graphic faculty of P. Masherov Vitebsk State University is one of the main Belarusian forges of artistic talents. Many of its graduates have become outstanding artists and art critics and made a significant contribution to Belarusian art.

The exposition presents about 100 graduation works by students of the art-graphic faculty performed mainly in the last 20 years: paintings, graphics, paintings in water-colors and art objects.

F.A. Yastreb, the head of the gallery and exhibition department of National Library of Belarus opened the event. S.I. Sheremetev, the head of the Social and cultural center of National Library of Belarus; D.A. Senko, the dean of the art-graphic faculty of P. Masherov Vitebsk State University; N.A. Gugnin, the head of the fine art department of P. Masherov Vitebsk State University; E.M. Sakhuto, the artists and art critic; G.F. Shauro, the art critic and professor; V.K. Kostyuchenko, the painter, and L.E. Dyagilev, the head of the interior design department of A.M. Shirokov Institute of the Modern Knowledge delivered their speeches on the exhibition opening day.

Exhibition opening days for Belarusian art schools and universities are regularly organized in the gallery-exhibition center of National Library of Belarus. The exhibition “Vitebsk. Art-50” is one of such events.

The exhibition is located in the galleries “Rakurs” and “Labyrinth” in National Library of Belarus and is open till March 1st 2010.


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