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The Native Land through a Camera Lens and the Names of Famous Compatriots

The Native Land through a Camera Lens and the Names of Famous Compatriots
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A photo project “I See It with My Heart” and an information-documentary exhibition “The Locals” have opened in the National Library, on May 15. This is the second round of the exhibition project timed to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus.

The blue-eyed, green, educated and hospitable Belarus is developing rapidly but keeps traditions. Belarus is different! Looking simultaneously at the same thing, everyone sees and perceives in their own way. But only the one who looks with the heart feeling through the soul is able to observe the most authentic beauty and open it to others. The best proof of that is the art project “I See It with My Heart”, organized by the TV channel "Belarus 24". The most vivid pictures of our country, performed by known photographers, are on display in the gallery "Atrium".

At the exhibition, you can make a journey to Belarusian cities with the panoramic photographer and creator of virtual tours, Stanislav Bogdevich, and also watch the wild world and enjoy the beauty of Belarusian landscapes with the photographers Igor Byshnev, Sergey Plytkevich, Maxim Mikeshin and Sergey Tarasov.

The press photographer, Ilya Geley, presents photos of the Belarusians – people of different professions, ages and world views. The photos by Nilita Tserekhov show architecture from unusual viewpoint, reflecting the versatility of urban space. The “mobile” works of Alexander Mekler shows that, for good photos, you do not need expensive equipment. It is enough to have a regular mobile phone, because a good picture is not only a matter of equipment, but a matter of ourselves.

The information-documentary exhibition “The Locals”, which presents material from the library’s collections, is located in the circular corridor on the 3rd floor. The exposition tells about the outstanding Belarusians, who were born “HERE” and gained great achievement outside the country.

The vernissage was attended by the first deputy director of the National library of Belarus, Elena Dolgopolova, the executive director of the TV channel “Belarus 24”, Alexander Martynenko, the head of the marketing and promotion department of the TV CHANNEL “Belarus 24”, Nadiezhda Mazur, the ornithologist, documentary director and photographer, Igor Byshnev, and the writer and member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, Anatoly Butevich.

The photo exhibition “I See It with My Heart” will run until August 15, 2018. The information-documentary exhibition “The Locals” will run until December 31, 2018.
The end date of the exhibitions may be changed.
The opening hours of the exhibitions correspond to the library’s opening hours.

Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

Contact us: (+375 17) 266 37 37, 293 28 23.

Read more about the opening of the second stage of the exhibition project “The Native Land, the Tale of Times”, on the site of the TV channel “Belarus 24” .

Watch about the photo project in a news release on the TV channel “Belarus 24” (starting at the 18th minute):


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