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The Formula of a Myth

The Formula of a Myth
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On February 24, at 5 p.m. at the art gallery Rakurs take place the opening of the exhibition of Fyodor Yastreb’s paintings “The Formula of a Myth” and presentation of his new book “Art in Social Space”.

Fyodor Yastreb is a well-known gallery owner, painter, art critic and curator of more than 80 large art projects. He has taken part in more than 120 international, foreign, republican and team exhibitions including 15 personal.

Fyodor Yastreb is the chairman of the International Guild of Painters, member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, Associate Professor of the Culturology and Social and Cultural Activities Department at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, and head of the Gallery and Exhibition Division of the National Library of Belarus.

Fyodor Yastreb’s curatorial projects, such as the International Festival of Digital Art “Terra Nova”, the International Biennale of Modern Paintings “Colorfest”, the International Exhibition of Graphics “Art-Line” and others are highly appreciated by the Belarusian audience. The project “12+” passed with great success in Abu-Dhabi (the United Arab Emirates) within the framework of the Week of Belarusian Culture.

Actually, the artist is finishing a big series of works “The Formula of a Myth” which reflects his aspiration to reinterpret rich mythological material including Belarusian mythology. A myth created by the artist takes on hypertextual characteristics, widening the limits of interpretation. This is a particular world having the graphic and semantic atmosphere and a rich palette of colors and hues.

The works by Fyodor Yastreb are remarkable for a vivid individual stylistics which combines the features of neosymbolism art with a multitude of details.

As an art critic, Fyodor Yastreb often appears in print with his articles about fine arts and gallery activities. Also he is the author of the albums “The 1st International Landscape Festival” and “V. Dunin-Martsinkevich” that won the 1st degree Diploma at the National Contest “The Art of a Book – 2008”.

On the opening day of the exhibition the author will present his new book “Art in Social Space” issued this year. The book is about the art market trends, gallery activities and artistic life in Belarus. The book of 320 pages includes about 500 color reproductions of paintings by modern artists who have participated in Fyodor Yastreb’s art projects.

For more information, please, call: (+375-17) 293-28-23, 293-27-67.