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Photo exhibition
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On 2 September, the exhibition of photos by Gennadi Korolyov opened at the National Library of Belarus.

Gennadi Korolyov was born in 1951 in Chashniki District of Gomel Region. He got keen on photography in his youth when he studied at Belarusian Polytechnic University. At present he lives in Novolukoml and holds a post of director at the Lukoml Hydroelectric Power Station.

The exhibition opens a door to the world of beauty that the photographer saw and captured on his camera, and rediscovers the nature of Belarus in its marvelous and mysterious beauty.

Gennadi Korolyov’s works have been on display in the Ecological Museum and the art gallery in Polotsk, V. Korotkevich Museum in Orsha, the museum of local lore in Vitebsk, Minsk Republican Trade Unions Palace, and in industries and organizations in Novolukoml, Vitebsk, Grodno and Minsk.


Lots and Lots to Do

4 Aug 2020

An exhibition "Lots and Lots to Do" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Anatoly Vorobei, Belarusian critic and literary critic, candidate of philological sciences, teacher, editor, member of the Writers' Union of Belarus, prizewinner of the V. Kolesnik Literary Prize, is taking place in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from August 4 to October 1.

Book exhibitions

100th Anniversary of V.K. Bondarchik, Famous Belarusian Ethnographer

1 Aug 2020

Vasily Bondarchik (1920–2009), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, made a significant contribution to the development of Belarusian ethnographic science. He studied the issues of the origin and ethnic history of the Belarusian people, the historiography of traditional material, social and spiritual culture.

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It's Time to Create a Herbarium!

29 Jul 2020

We invite you to an interesting creative activity. There is only one month of summer left, and there are many different plants around us. We offer to collect flowers and herbs, create your own herbarium and compare with the images on old prints. Did plants look like this 500 years ago? Place modern flowers next to an engraving from the past and compare!

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