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Oleg Karpovich's friendly jests exhibition

Oleg Karpovich's friendly jests exhibition
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On September 23, 2008, in the “Mobile Gallery” of the National Library of Belarus took place an opening of Oleg Karpovich's friendly jests exhibition.

Oleg Karpovich is a laureate of a Grand Prix of an international exlibris-center in Belgium, and winner of numerous contests of the best book of Belarus. Most of works by the artist are satirical graphics, friendly jests, and caricature.

At the exhibition are displayed 38 friendly jests of the eminent pets, singers, actors, and sportsmen, among them – Leonid Dranko-Maysiuk, Oksana Sprinchanin, Xenia Sitnik, Maxim Mirny, and others.

Oleg Karpovich is as well an author of illustration and friendly jests to the book by Nicolay Shabovich “Chorus Doesn’t Sing Any More”. Presentation of the book took place in the framework of the event.

Lyudmila Kiryukhina, the Deputy Director for library science and public relations of National Library of Belarus, Fiodor Yastreb, the Head of exhibition organizing department, Nicolay Shabovich, the poet and chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers satire and humor section, author of the book of poetic parodies, dedications and epigrams “Chorus Doesn’t Sing Any More”, and Oleg Karpovich, the artist, participated in the event.

Contact: (8017) 293-27-67, 293-78-23; e-mail:

O. Karpovich,
the artist

V.Shnip, the Director of
"Mastatskaya Litaratura" publishing house

F. Yastreb
the head of
the NLB exhibition
organizing section

    N. Shabovich,
the poet,
author of the book
" Chorus Doesn’t
Sing Any More"



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