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P.L. Ipatov, the governor of Saratov region visited the NLB


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On November 11, 2008, in the gallery “Panorama” took place the opening of the exhibition of calligraphic works “Melodiographia” by the eminent calligraphist, Professor Pavel Semchenko.

At the exposition are displayed 45 works performed in different techniques and with the use of different materials.

The displayed works are performed not only in classical calligraphic style – with a pen or a chisel on paper, but also on metal with the use of etching and chisels, in particular, new series of works “Bach”, “Beethoven”, and “Mozart”.

P. A. Semchenko, the artist, I.D. Likhovoy, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Belarus, L.G. Kiryukhina, the Deputy Director for library science and public relations, and other colleagues and friends of the artist participated in the event.

The exhibition is open during a month.

Contact: +372 17 293-27-66, 293-28-23




Lots and Lots to Do

4 Aug 2020

An exhibition "Lots and Lots to Do" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Anatoly Vorobei, Belarusian critic and literary critic, candidate of philological sciences, teacher, editor, member of the Writers' Union of Belarus, prizewinner of the V. Kolesnik Literary Prize, is taking place in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from August 4 to October 1.

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