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III Minsk international digital art festival “Terra Nova”

III Minsk international digital art festival “Terra Nova”
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On 13 December, at 17.00 a solemn opening of III Minsk international digital art festival “Terra Nova” will take place in the gallery "Rakurs".

It will be the 3rd time when works in a digital format are represented in the gallery-exhibition complex of the National Library of Belarus. Authors from Lithuania, Poland, China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other countries will take part in the event. About 150 works will be shown at the exhibition.

The program of the festival includes the exhibition of digital photos and computer graphic, and also video shows will be passed during the month in the gallery "Labyrinth" of the National Library of Belarus.

Within the framework of the festival will be the competition which results will be made by an authoritative jury. The works will be estimated in following nominations: "Digital photo", "Computer graphic", "Video-art", "Video clip", "Animation", "Advertisement video", "Short film".

The exhibition will last until 18 January, 2011.

Contact phone number: 293-28-23, 293-27-67.



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2 Mar 2023

From March 2 to April 21, the Musical and audiovisual documents reading room (No 305) is hosting the exhibition "Music from the Heart", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the notable Russian composer, pianist and conductor Siargej Rachmaninaw (1873 – 1943).

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