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Born in Polesie, Devotee of Belarus: Memory Exhibition of the Artist Gavriil Vashchenko

Born in Polesie, Devotee of Belarus: Memory Exhibition of the Artist Gavriil Vashchenko
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The exhibition under the title "Land Under White Wings" by Gavriil Vaschenko dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the artist opened on June 21 in the Library.

Once they asked Gavriil Vaschenko: "Which one of your works do you prefer?". "I have not the favorite one, but I have the most emotional and painted through suffering works, those that are related to my Native Land, to my house, to my mother," - said the artist.

This idea expressed by the famous master is the main message of the exhibition "Land under White Wings" in the "Labyrinth" gallery. Emotional, harmonious, life-affirming, even romantic, it returns in the place where the artist was born, and where his immortal talent has appeared.

"Summer joy" and " September Happiness". The artist finds it in simple things: the girls are swimming in the river, a lot of mushrooms on the table. Here on the road two grandmothers with buckets met after the walk to the well and communicate news.

Lovers on the bridge are shown from the back: it’s not necessarily to see their faces to understand the feelings that they have captured. And then under the picture we see: "Untitled", everything is clear. And the next one is "Romantic Landscape", "Silver Night" and "Azure lake of light". The usual monumental artist Gavriil Vashchenko, sensitive and sincere, as the unwrapped page before the audience.

Many of the works are dedicated to famous Belarusian and native land places: "The Mir Castle", "The Synkovichi Temple", "Novogrudok region", "Braslav Lakes", "Polesye". There are some philosophy of life in the painting "The Road" and in the gray one "Autumn Blue", full of solitude and farewell.

There are above it all the powerful "Wings", a series of paintings, some kind of reflection on the mystery of existence. They seem to be invisibly present in all the works of masters. Strange angels like large wings covered everything close to the artist, land, nature and native people. Angel defender raised his sword and closed a defenseless, guardian angel bowed his head and crossed his arms, as if he is frozen in prayer, but the radiant angel illuminate on all that is under his enormous wings.

Not everyone, even a very talented person is able to go the way of life and to remain themselves, without changing the native land and sacred values. Gavriil Vashchenko not only could make this, but he has also contribute his native land. His talent, his creativity are still glorifying his native land, living in the memory of people and their unique works.

The opening day was attended by Tatyana Kuzminich, Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus for Information Resources, Mikhail Borozna, Rector of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Gregory Sitnitsa Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Artists, Natalia Sharangovich, Associate Professor of Literary Criticism department of the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University, Vladimir Zinkevich, Head of the Monumental and Decorative Art department of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, the Gavriil Vaschenko’s son, Konstantin Vaschenko, belarusian graphic artist.

You can explore the exhibition till September 18, 2018.
The ending day can be changed.

For more info: (+375 17) 266 37 37, 293 28 23.

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