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Mikhail Basalyga

Mikhail Basalyga

Янка Купала. Алеся. Мальчик и летчик. 1972. / Yanka Kupala. Alessia. The Boy and the Pilot. 1972.


Янка Купала. Вершы і паэмы. 1982. / Yanka Kupala. Verses and Poems. 1982.

Diploma named after Francisk Skoryna of the Republican contest “The Art of Book” and Diploma of the 2nd degree of the All-Union contest “The Art of Book” for book illustrations.


Янка Купала. Курган. 1987. / Yanka Kupala. The Barrow. 1987.

Якуб Колас. На ростанях. 2006. / Yakub Kolas. At the Crossroads. 2006.