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Conferences, seminars, round tables 2008


Round table "Libraries, publishing and book trade organizations: models of interaction for developing of a united information space" (February 7, Minsk, National exhibition center “BelEXPO”)

The 6th International Wither School "Urgent issues of continuous library education" (February 14–15, Minsk, Belarusian Library Association)

The Fourth international scientific and practical conference "Libraries and education" (March 25–28, Yaroslavl)

International scientific conference "Pedagogics of children’s reading: history, theory, and prospects" (March 26–27, Moscow, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts)


International conference "Rumyantsev lectures" (April 15–16, Moscow, Russian State Library)

The 15th International special exhibition and congress "TIBO-2008" (April 22, Minsk, National exhibition center “BelEXPO”)

Traditional international scientific conference"Library science – 2008: libraries and professional training in the information-oriented society" (April 23–24, Moscow, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts)

Presentation of electronic information resources of the biggest world producers (April, September, Minsk, National Library of Belarus)


The XIV-th International Cyril and Methodius lectures dedicated to the Days of Slavonic written language and culture (May 22– 24, Minsk, Belarusian State University of Culture and Art)


The 15th Anniversary International Conference “Crimea 2008” "Libraries and information resources in the modern world of science, culture, education, and business” (June 7–15, Crimea, Ukraine)


The VI-th international scientific and practical conference and exhibition “Corporate library systems: technologies and innovations “ (June 23–29, St.-Petersburg (Russia), Tampere (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden))


The 74th IFLA General conference and session (August10–14, Quebec, Canada)


International training seminar on technological innovations for small-scale and middle scientific and technological enterprises (October 19– November 3, Beijing, China)


The 2nd Assembly of Russian World (November 3–4, Moscow, Russia, the MSU Fundamental Library)

The VII-th international conference "Development of informatization and systems of scientific and technical information (RINTI-2008)". (November 5, Minsk, National Academy of Science of Belarus Institute of Informatics)

General Assembly – 2008 (November 5–9, Sofia, Bulgaria)

The 12th International conference and exhibition “Information technologies, computer systems and publications for libraries” (November 17–21, Zvenigirod, Russia)

The 10th general meeting of non-profit partnership “Library Assembly of Eurasia” (BAE) (November 18, Azerbaijan, M.F. Ahundov Azerbaijan National Library)International scientific conference “Library and history" (November 18–19, Moscow, State Public Historical Library of Russia)


IV International Bibliological Conference "New Technologies for Documentary Heritage Preservation" (November 20–21, Minsk, National Library of Belarus)

International scientific conference “Library, book and reading in the modern society: philosophical angles” (November 25–27, Moscow, Library of the History of Russian Philosophy “A.F. Losev’s House” )

International discussion seminar “New role of national libraries. Presentation of commercial services of public use.” (November 26–29, Warsaw, Poland, National Library of Poland)


The second meeting of the International council for virtual reconstruction of documentary heritage and library of Radzivills’ Nieswizh residence (December 12, Nieswizh, Radzivills’ palace)