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Interlibrary loan and document delivery reading room

General information

1st floor, room 164

The reading room provides service to individual users as well as users of interlibrary loan (libraries, institutions and organizations of Minsk).

Document delivery on ILL for individual and collective users is carried out according to the Procedure of User Service of Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery .

Readers of the National library of Belarus with a PhD degree can use the interlibrary loan according to the Procedure of User Service of Individual loan.

The delivery of literature outside the Library is provided on a paid basis according to the Price list.

Deposit collection

Documents of the deposit collection are available for all readers.

The deposit collection comprises more than 60 000 copies.

The open part of the deposit collection is presented by educational, fine literature in Russian and Belarusian, and by periodicals for leisure. Users search for information on their own.

The closed part contains educational and scientific literature of all branches of knowledge. Documents are given by the librarian on duty on the request of the user and presentation of a library card.

Electronic information resources

The reading room provides the access to the following information resources:

Additional services:

  • photocopying and scanning of fragments of printed editions;
  • copying of information from databases onto users’ data media;
  • printing of electronic information.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10.00–19.00;
Friday: 10.00–18.00;
Days off: Saturday, Sunday.

Terms of Use


Librarian on duty:
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 27 13 (internal number 77 13)

Head of department:
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 27 12 (internal number 77 12)