Book and Cpyright in the Modern World


A thematic exhibition "Book and Copyright in the Modern World" dedicated to World Book and Copyright Day is open in the Documents of International Organizations Reading Room (207g) from April 20 to May 23.

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Nothing is Sacred: Why Reading Over Your Shoulder Annoys You


It happened to each of us. You cram into a crowded subway car, you can hardly find a free space to fit at least your head, a book is in your hands, you open it – after all, you stopped at the most interesting moment, how can you not read it? That is when it happens. Someone else's curious glance slides over the pages, the uninvited reader almost puffs in your – what an audacity! Although... What's the big deal? Why does a glance at someone else's book, thrown by a fellow passenger, awaken so much anger and irritation in us? Let's try to figure out.

Author's Point of View