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In the world of kindness

In the world of kindness
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September 7 - October 16
room 205

The jubilee exhibition "In the world of kindness", dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian poet, translator, author of numerous works for children Edzi Agnyatsvet (1913–2000), takes place from September 7 to October 16 in the hall of Belarusian literature (room 205).

Edzi Agnyatsvet is a poet of a bright personality. Her works are distinguished by their urgency, deep poetic reflection on life, and a sense of sincere love for the Motherland. She paid considerable attention to important events and dates, figures of world and national culture. Her insightful lyrical poems are about primordial moral values: love and nature, the fate of man and the meaning of life, the future of mankind. The images addressed by the poetess touch with a humanistic, cognitive and developmental orientation.

Edzi Agnyatsvet perfectly mastered the word, was able to find for it the place where it would sing. Music for her poems was written by N. Aladay, I. Luchenok, V. Aloynikay, G. Wagner, E. Glebay, Yu. Semenyako and other composers. Among her works are the well-known songs "Mi yashche sustrenemsya", "Zyamlya z blakitnimi vachami", etc. The National Library has more than 100 musical editions, where there are songs based on the words of the poetess. Some of these publications can be seen on the exhibition shelves.

The first section of the exhibition "The ABC of Feelings" presents collections of poetry "Mae pakalenne" (1935), "Vershy" (1938), "Viasnovai ranitsai" (1941), "My Native Land" (1945), "Daroga buduchyn" (1949), "Belarusian Rabina" (1959), "Lyrica" (1965), etc.

Edzi Agnyatsvet was actively engaged in translation activities. She translated into Belarusian some works by A. Pushkin, N. Nekrasov, V. Mayakovsky, N. Ushakov, A. Barto, S. Mikhalkov and others. She introduced Belarusian readers to the works of P. Beranger, G. Apollinaire, A. Exupery. There are also on display some books and collections with her works printed, translated into different languages of the world.

The second section "Lines full of sun" presents her works for children. These are such books as "Vasilki" (1947), "Budzem syabravat" (1955), "Tvae tavaryshy" (1957), "Gosz z dalekai zyamli" (1958), "Hell zyarnyatka da vyaselki" (1981), "Hto pachynae zen?" (1982), "Hai chasce smiajutsa dzetsi" (1997), "U svetse dabrini" (2013), etc.

The last section "On the poetic horizon" exhibits books and articles about the life and creative path of the poetess.

Edzi Agnyatsvet generously gave her talent as an artist and teacher to children. She was awarded an international Honorary diploma named after H. Andersen for a book of poems and translations for children "Na dvary Alimpiyada".

The books presented at the exhibition can be ordered through the E-catalogue of the National Library of Belarus.

The exhibition's opening hours correspond to the library's opening hours.
Admission is by using a reader's ticket or a social and cultural center ticket.

Phone number for inquiries: (+375 17) 293 27 16.

The material is provided by the Special Collections Service Department.


Winter Lace


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From December 7 to January 10, a thematic exhibition "Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All" dedicated to Human Rights Day and the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was opened in the documents of international organizations reading room (room 207).

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