MainEventsEvents“The Secretes under the glass”, you are suggested to make in the National Library of Belarus
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“The Secretes under the glass”, you are suggested to make in the National Library of Belarus

“The Secretes under the glass”, you are suggested to make in the National Library of Belarus
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July 14th
3:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition complex (room 104)

In the last month of the work of the exhibition project “Life Sources” the Library is inviting to participate in the closing workshop session.

A meeting with Nina Shkurduk, a member of the Belarussian Masters’ Union for Art and Crafts, to create a decorative panel with the help of “The Painting on the glass” technique will run in the Exhibition Complex (room 104) at three o’clock in the afternoon on July 14th.

Among the traditional types of decorative-applied art the painting takes relatively lowly place, as long as it began spread in the early of the 20th century. The Belarussians made paintings on canvas, marriage coffers and on glass.

They painted usually on rectangular pieces of glass with transparent color paints, oil-based paints and typographical paints without half-tone and color transitions. The borders of a painting was done by a black line originally, then it was poured with paint. Botanical and flower compositions became particularly popular. An artist put under the glass a sheet of foil paper in the end of the work by this making a certain type of a decorative effect.

Decorative glass frames for icons and family photographs were painted with a similar technique. The painting on the glass in Belarus is performed by individual masters nowadays. Along with Nina Shkurduk you will be able to master the main phases which create a traditional picture on the glass and create your own panel with a particular composition, gentle or bold colors.

For issues related to arrangement and enrolling to the workshop are available, be in touch (+375 17) 293 27 50.

The price of a visit to the exhibition “Life Sources” includes a visit to the workshop session:

  • For adults: 6 BYN
  • For pupils and students: 3 BYN
  • Family ticket (2 adults with a child under 16 years): 11 BYN
  • Family ticket (2 adults with two children under 16 years): 13 BYN
  • Large family (a document must be provided): 13 BYN

Free of charge:

  • Children under 7 years and from orphanage; disabled people (a document must be provided)
  • Accompanying persons for pupils and from educational institutions (1 person per 10 children)

Opening hours of the Exhibition correspond to the opening hours of the Library.

Watch also video on workshop sessions, which are carried out within the ethno project.


The Dynamic Component of Creativity


The exhibition "The Living Element of Creativity" honours Belarusian author Ivan Nikolaevich Ptashnikov's 90th birthday from October 1 to November 3 in the Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) (1932-2016).

Under the Sign of the Winged Serpent


The book-illustrative exhibition "Under the Sign of the Winged Serpent," which celebrates the 550th anniversary of the birth of Lucas Cranach the Elder, is on display from September 30 to November 7 in the Fine arts reading room (306). (1472-1553).

The Opposite of Beauty


From September 5 to October 24, the thematic exhibition “The Opposite of Beauty" is held in the Periodical publications reading room (106).

A life in poetry


From September 14th to November 14th, the ring corridor (2nd floor) hosts the book exhibition "Life in Poetry", dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Tank and the National Unity Day.

The Art of Thought


The jubilee exhibition "Art of Thought," honouring the 75th birthday of the Belarusian ballet master and choreographer Valentin Nikolaevich Elizariev, is on display from September 22 through November 21 in the Hall of Musical and Audiovisual Documents (room 305).

One-man band


From September 22 to November 21, the Music and audiovisual documents reading room (305) will host an exhibition called "The One-Man Band" in honour of Conductor Aleksandr Anisimov, the Belarusian people's artist, who turns 75 this year.