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Folk art of Belarussians in the exhibition project "Life Sources" (+ video)

Folk art of Belarussians in the exhibition project "Life Sources" (+ video)
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17th February – 24th July
10:00 a.m – 08:00 p.m.
Exhibition complex (room 104)

The exhibition complex of the Library (room 104) hosted the opening of the exposition "Live sources" within the Year of historical memory on February 17th.

The National Library of Belarus jointly with the Belarussian Union of the Folk Art Craftsmen prepared the exhibition of items, which continue and strengthen many centuries’ traditions of the Belarussian folk art directly or indirectly.

From the ancient times until now, Belarussians preserved many types and kinds of traditional fine arts: woodcutting, pottery, farriery, weaving, embroidering, paintings, braiding from the natural materials. More than 100 folk arts’ craftsmen arrived to the capital from all the districts of Belarus with their artworks.

The exhibition project presents:

  • Collection of dishes from vine of amateur union "Verbachka";
  • Vyczynanki made by Ludmila Valkovich-Boris and Elizaveta Chernovczeva;
  • Embroidering and weaving items made by Marina Hushha and Iryna Zabavskaya;
  • Pottery dishes made by Vasyl Lahvin and Nikalay Strelchenko;
  • Straw braiding made by Alena Hrin and Alla Avsyannikava;
  • Decorative panel in the style of fine arts paintings made by Iryna Tereshkova and Svyatlana Skavyrka;
  • Painted Easter egg made by Olga Khachkova;
  • Small clay plastic arts made by Vasyl Yakovenka;
  • Handicrafts from beads made by Vera Perminova and Elena Artynskaya;
  • Mythological and folk dolls made by the association "Paparacz Kvetka"
  • And many other examples of fine arts handcrafts which demonstrate different directions of the Belarussian folk art.

Exhibits reflect a true way of the Belarussians life. Each item, each product contains either a life situation or a happy meeting or thinking alone. Hope, these items touch visitors’ souls, provoke the feeling of joy, wake up the feelings and memories from the childhood.

During the exhibition presentations and workshop sessions how to make straw toys, postcards with Vyczynanki and interesting meetings will be held.

Opening-day starts at 5:00 p.m.
The entrance is free of charge on the opening-day.

You are kindly invited to visit the exposition until July 24th, 2022.
Closing date of the Exhibition may be changed.

Opening hours of the Exhibition correspond to the opening hours of the Library.

Tickets price:

  • For adults: 6 BYN
  • For pupils and students: 3 BYN
  • Family ticket (2 adults with a child till 16 years): 11 BYN
  • Family ticket (2 adults with two children till 16 years): 13 BYN
  • Large family (a document must be provided): 13 BYN

Free of charge:

  • Children up to 7 years and from orphanage; disabled people (a document must be provided)
  • Accompanying persons for pupils and from educational institutions (1 person per 10 children)

For more info: (+375 17) 368 37 37, 293 27 50

Watch a report of the TV channel ‘Belarus 1’ and watch also video on workshop sessions, which are carried out within the ethno project.


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