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Italiae. From the Alinari brothers to the masters of contemporary photography (+video)

Italiae. From the Alinari brothers to the masters of contemporary photography (+video)
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May 27 – June 27
Atrium and Labyrinth galleries (3d floor)

On May 27 in the galleries “Atrium” and “Labyrinth” of the National Library of Belarus (3rd floor) the exhibition “Italiae. From the Alinari brothers to the masters of contemporary photography”.

The organizers are the Embassy of the Italian Republic in the Republic of Belarus and the National Library of Belarus.

The exposition uses photographs to tell about the beauty and diversity of Italy, about its landscapes, creativity and people. A century and a half of history has combined in an anthology of photographs to create the perfect gallery of portraits and memories, testifying to the wealth of the country and, at the same time, to the extraordinary vitality of Italian photography.

The exposition consists of three parts: "Landscapes", "Labor", "People". Among them are photographs from the studio, pictorialism, conceptualism, chronicle and art photography. This is an interesting journey that begins with the Alinari brothers and the vast world around them, includes various collections and archives, so that, with the help of the great masters of photography of the 20th and 21st centuries, come to the most modern experiments.

The work of more than 75 photographers creates an unusual visual story linking different authors, methods and subjects, with the clear intention of fostering a dialogue between historical and contemporary photography, based on formal consonance, content or contrasts.

For a long time, the views of photographers, very different in tonality, technique and style, have stopped on Italy, trying to preserve the living and complex identity of the country, its traditions and the most delicate lines of evolution. Therefore, the exhibition “Italiae. From the Alinari brothers to the masters of modern photography ”helps to follow the transformations in the country in a language that can reflect the geographical diversity, explore the depths of history and at the same time get into the secrets of these places that turn many Italy into a single Italy ...

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library's opening hours.
Entrance with a library card or a ticket for a socio-cultural center.

The exposition will run until June 27, 2021.
Its completion date is subject to change.

For more info: (+375 17) 368 37 37.

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