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French superexlibris of the 17th – 18th centuries

French superexlibris of the 17th – 18th centuries
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April 29 – August 31
Book Museum (room 347)

On April 29, the Library will open the exhibition "French superexlibris of the 17th – 18th centuries".

Among the various types of book signs, the elite position is occupied by super-ex-libris (from Latin super - on top and ex-libris - from books) - coats of arms or monograms displaced in gold on the binding. They are an object of study not only in bibliology, but also attract lovers of heraldry, phaleristics, paleography, and genealogy. Superexlibrises are an informative historical source about the intellectual life of France.

Valuable old printed books from private libraries of the French aristocracy are kept in the National Library of Belarus. The luxurious and sophisticated decoration of the bindings of these books is a shining example of the culture of the era. Whole dynasties of bookbinders specialized in making bindings to the taste of titled bibliophile owners.

The exhibition presents samples of French bookbinding skills of the 17th – 18th centuries. Exhibited are editions with heraldic super-exlibrises of famous statesmen, political and military figures of France, as well as aristocracy: King Louis XIII the Just, "Sun King" Louis XIV, Queen Maria Theresa of Austria, King Louis XV the Beloved, Queen Maria Leshchinskaya (daughter of the King of the Commonwealth ), the Marquise de Pompadour, Minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert and others.

The grand opening of the exhibition will begin at 4 pm in the Book Museum (room 347).

The entrance to the opening day is free, the rest of the time with a library card or a ticket for a socio-cultural center.

The exhibition will run until August 31, 2021.
The date of the end of the exposition can be changed.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the opening hours of the Book Museum.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 22.

Public Relations Department

Read more: Competition "Young Belarusian Ex-libris"


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