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Training "History of Orthodoxy of the native land: experience and methods of study"

Training "History of Orthodoxy of the native land: experience and methods of study"
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February 25

On February 25, the 5th Republican Training "The History of Orthodoxy of the Native Land: Experience and Methods of Study" was held remotely.

The event was organized by the National Library of Belarus and the Synodal Department of Religious Education and Catechesis of the Belarusian Orthodox Church (BOC).

More than 100 people took part in the seminar: heads and specialists of public libraries of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus, libraries of educational institutions, church libraries, libraries of other ministries and departments, teachers of secondary general education institutions, local historians, clergymen and other representatives of the BOC structures.

The key topic of discussion was the creation of electronic resources on church local history. The main part of the speakers shared their experience in studying the shrines of their native land: methods of collecting information, technology for creating databases and interactive resources for children and adolescents, implementing joint programs and projects with foreign partners, organizing excursions and other events based on the collected materials. All participants of the seminar noted the effectiveness of the joint activities of libraries, educational institutions and structures of the Belarusian Orthodox Church in this direction.

The work of the republican seminar was chaired by Olga Rynkevich, the Chief Librarian of the Bibliology Research Department of the National Library of Belarus, and archpriest Vladimir Borisevich, the Head of the Parish Libraries Sector of the Department of Religious Education and Catechesis of the Grodno diocese.

Bibliology Research Department


IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


A thematic exhibition “IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary since the International Atomic Energy Agency has been established, will run in the International documents reading room (room 207g) between July 21st and August 30th.

The World Population: Present and Future


The Official Documents Service Department (room 207) has opened a thematic exhibition "World Population: Present and Future", dedicated to World Population Day to last from July 1 to August 9.

The Space of Andrei Karpenkov’s Colors


The opening of a contemporary Belarussian artist Andrei Karpenkov “The space of flowers” will run in the “Atrium” Gallery on four o’clock in the afternoon on July 14th.

Belarus. 1941-1945: Feat. Tragedy. Memory


The Belarussian literature reading room (room 205) is running a book exhibition “Belarus. 19421-1945: Feat. Tragedy. Memory” dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus from July 2 to September 4.

A Mysterious Light


The Gallery “Rakurs” (second floor) opened a photo exhibition of Vasyl Belyakou “A Mysterious Light”.