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Legends in Stones and Wood

Legends in Stones and Wood
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January 10 – March 14
Circular Corridor (3d floor)

The exhibition Legends in Stones and Wood is dedicated to the third Year of Native Land. The preliminary exhibition Tuteyshyya was dedicated to the world-famous Belarusians and the place where they were born. This year, the National Library of Belarus draws the attention of readers and visitors to the architectural and historical heritage of our country.

The main goal set by the authors of the exhibition is to recall that the Belarusian heritage does not only consist of those objects that are included in the UNESCO list. Very often, the Belarusians themselves forget that our country has innumerable “places of power” - castles, palaces, estates, parks, temples, monasteries, towns, villages, roads, barrows, cemeteries, springs and boulders. And each of them has its own fairy legends and traditions that allow you to revive old events and rethink them, they serve as a source of inspiration and historical foundation for many generations of the Belarusians.

There are more than 200 encyclopedic, scientific, popular science and local history publications dedicated to the architectural and historical heritage of Belarus at the exhibition. The exposition does not pretend to be a full display of thematic documents from the library collections, but many of the publications presented at the exhibition are bibliographic rarities and historical sources. Among them are photo albums of the twentieth century of the already lost monuments which have been embed and monographs of archaeologists that allow you to dip into the depth of ceтtuaries, and even cemetery guides, which not only preserve the memory of their ancestors but are also an integral part of the cultural landscape of any settlement in Belarus. The monographs and collective works of the Belarusian scientists dedicated to the preservation of our heritage are also presented.

The exhibition is located in the ring corridor of the 3rd floor from January 10 to December 10, 2020.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.

Admission is by library card or by the ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 29 80.

Gallery and Exhibition Department


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A thematic exhibition "The Holocaust: Forever Remembered" dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is on show in the Anteroom of the Official Documents Service Department (room 207) from January 12 to February 9.

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From 19 January to 22 February, a thematic exhibition Diversity of Languages: The Great Achievement of Humanity, dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022–2032) is on display in the International Organizations Documents Reading Room (Room 207g).

Jason Art-Book (+video)


A grand opening of the exhibition, presentation of the work of modern fine and book art, the art book Jason will take place in the Book Museum on January 25 at 4 p.m.