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The Brilliance of Talent

The Brilliance of Talent
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March 3 – May 1
circular corridor (2nd floor)

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Kandrat Krapiva, a classic of Belarusian literature, a book exhibition "The Brilliance of Talent" was installed on the 2nd floor of the circular corridor. Documents from the collections of the National Library of Belarus reveal all the wealth of his literary and scientific abilities.

Kandrat Krapiva was a writer of brilliant talent, an outstanding figure of Belarusian literature. The ability to accurately depict the smallest details of his contemporaries' life allowed him to prove himself as a fabulist and playwright. The pursuit of knowledge helped him to become a translator, editor and, as a result, an academician.

The exhibition presents lifetime editions of the author's poems and fables: "The Awn" (1925), "The Nettle" (1928), "Bumps on the Road" (1930), "Khviados the Red Nose" (1931), "Selected Poems" (1935), "Selected Works" (1941), etc.

In the section "The Drama" the following books are exhibited "Plays" (1953), "People and Demons" (1958), "He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last" (1969), "The Larks are Singing" (1951), "With the Nation" (1950) , "The Gate of Immortality" (1974).

The section “Translations” gives the reader an opportunity to learn about Kandrat Krapiva the translator: his translations into Belarusian of Gogol, Ostrovsky, Shakespeare, Shevchenko are presented, as well as a free translation of a Bible verse in Krapiva's satirical manner.

The fruit of the scientific activity of Kandrat Krapiva are the dictionaries of the Belarusian language under his own editorship: “Belarusian-Russian Dictionary” (1962), “Russian-Belarusian Dictionary” (1982), “Dialect Atlas of the Belarusian Language” (1963), “Explanatory Dictionary of the Belarusian Language” (1977-1984).

The exhibition contains publications that provide critical analysis of Kandrat Krapiva's work by such researchers as Stsiapan Laushuk, Ales Kuchar, Petr Vasiuchenka, Dzmitryj Bugaeu.

Visitors will also be interested in the volume dedicated to Kandrat Krapiva from the series “Life of Remarkable People of Belarus”. The book was prepared by the publishing house "Mastatskaja Litaratura" and at the 60th National Competition "Art of the Book" received a 1st degree diploma in the category "Science and Knowledge".

Also, our readers have an opportunity to see the autographs left by the author in 1964 and 1976 in his books stored in the collections of the National Library of Belarus.

The exhibition will be on show until May 25, 2021.

The end date is subject to change.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.
Admission is by the library card or by the Social and Cultural Centre ticket.

The books presented at the exhibition can be ordered through the electronic catalogue of the National Library of Belarus.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 29 80.

Gallery and Exhibition Department



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