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Museum lesson "Belarusian Napoleon"

Museum lesson "Belarusian Napoleon"
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January 27
Book Museum (room 347)
4.5 rubles

A lesson dedicated to the famous artist Napoleon Orda was held On February 27 within the framework of the "The Book Professors’ Club" project.

Mr Alies Susha, the well-known bibliologist and culture expert, told a lot of interesting things about the life and creative path of Napoleon Orda.

In the classroom, there was a presentation of a book novelty the "Napoleon Orda" album. The unique edition contains 190 engravings from the collection of the National Library of Belarus.

Visitors also saw the original lithographs from the library stock, created from the artist's drawings in 1873-1883. The expert emphasized that these images of architectural monuments, types of estates and cities remain one of the most valuable visual sources on national history.

At the museum lessons, each of the children had the opportunity to play the role of an artist and draw architectural monuments, like the Belarusian Napoleon.

Bibliology Research Department


Through the sufferings to the happiness


The exhibition “Through the sufferings to the happiness”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary from the date of the birth of Ales Mahnach (1922–2001), a play writer, pose-writer, publicist, will be held in the Belarussian literature room (No 205) from August 17th to September29th.

IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


A thematic exhibition “IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary since the International Atomic Energy Agency has been established, will run in the International documents reading room (room 207g) between July 21st and August 30th.

The World Population: Present and Future


The Official Documents Service Department (room 207) has opened a thematic exhibition "World Population: Present and Future", dedicated to World Population Day to last from July 1 to August 9.

The Space of Andrei Karpenkov’s Colors


The opening of a contemporary Belarussian artist Andrei Karpenkov “The space of flowers” will run in the “Atrium” Gallery on four o’clock in the afternoon on July 14th.