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The shine of the outfits and the atmosphere of a ball... in the library

The shine of the outfits and the atmosphere of a ball... in the library
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March 5 – December 31
Exhibition Complex (room 104)

A unique project "Shine of outfits and secrets of flirting" is on show in the Exhibition Complex of the library (room 104) from the 5th of March. The exhibits are presented from the private collection of Igor Surmachevsky.

The exposition includes more than 300 items and artefacts of the past centuries, which can give odds to the best museums in the world: a ball gown made by the famous couturier Baron Christoph von Drekoll for Maria Valeria Habsburg; ermine muff trimmed with silk; light dress (teadress) "Pansies" for the boudoir and morning breakfast; purple brocade dress with floral brochette by a Parisian milliner (“Mme Chaux. 70 Rue Truffaut Paris”).

The names of many male and female artefacts of the 18th – 19th centuries on display are not at all familiar to our modern ears: carne de bal, portresor, page, billets doux, fizma, tussi-moussi, dressing case, snuff box, agraph, etc.

It will be possible to plunge into the atmosphere of the past centuries and feel the spirit of the times that reigned during the ball, go all the way from choosing and preparing a dress, improving dance steps to a secret flirting game and, finally, summing up the "Cupid's victories" until the end of the year.

For more info: (+375 17) 368 37 37.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.

A ticket costs:

  • 10 BYR for adults;
  • 5 BYR for students of secondary, specialized secondary and higher educational institutions;

Family ticket:

  • 21 BYR for a group of two adults and one child under 16 years old;
  • 24 BYR for a group of two adults and two children under 16 years old.

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The Path to eternity


The exhibition “The Path to Eternity” is on show in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from April 1 to May 17 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian historian and literary critic Mikola Ermolovich (1921–2000).

Water is the basis of life


A thematic exhibition "Water is the basis of life" dedicated to World Water Day is on show in the Official Documents Service Department (room 207) from March 19 to April 21.

Creative lesson "Bouquet as a gift"


A creative lesson "Bouquet as a gift" was held in the Children's Room on March 13, the participants learned how to make a volumetric applique with a coloured paper.

Meeting with Natalia Buchynskaja, Fairy Tale Writer


A meet the artist event took place with Natalia Buchynskaja, a fairy tale writer, on March 13 in the Book Museum. Museum classes were organized within the framework of "The Book Professors Club" project.