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From the Books of Uladzimir Karatkievich

From the Books of Uladzimir Karatkievich
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November 24 – January 31
Book Museum (room 347)

An exhibition titled “From the Books of Uladzimir Karatkievich”, timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the writer, will be open in the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus from November 24.

Visitors will see the books from the writer's office and library. Manuscripts, old publications and rare editions from his personal collection will be displayed for the first time.

Bookplates of Uladzimir Karatkievich take the main place of the exhibition. The writer himself made the majority of them, including a variety of book signs, selected for certain publications. The images show iconic figures of Belarusian culture (Skaryna, Gusowski). There are also Karatkievich's beloved sails. A bookplate with the outlines of the scythemen's weapon stands out in the collection. You can see its seal and cliche at the exhibition.

The bookplates created for the writer by different artists will surely incite interest among visitors. The pieces by Joseph Kapelian, Gennadi Grak, Arlen Kashkurevich, Mikola Kupava, Uladzimir Basalyga and Viachka Telesh will be on the pages of publications where one can also find the history of their creation.


Unique gift inscriptions on books will introduce you to the friendly and creative circle of the writer. The exhibition presents autographs by Uladzimir Karatkievich's relatives, comrades and teachers of youth, literary prototypes, famous creators, friends and associates: Adam Maldis', Vasil Bykaw's, Rygor Baradulin's, Yanka Bryl's and others. An unexpected playful autograph of Uladzimir Karatkievich to himself is also there.

The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with the family of the writer's niece Ms Elena Sinkevich who keeps the heritage of Uladzimir Karatkievich. The exhibition also features books from the funds of the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature.

The exhibition will be open daily in the Book Museum until January 17, 2020, except Mondays and public holidays.

The end date is subject to change.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the working hours of the Book Museum.
Admission is by a library card or by the Social and Cultural Center ticket.

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