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Honest Citizen

Honest Citizen
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September 1 – November 11
10:00 – 21:00
room 205

An exhibition “Honest Citizen” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Belarusian writer Symon Baranovykh (1900-1942) is on show in the hall of Belarusian literature (room 205) from September 1 to November 11.

Symon Baranovykh (real name Baranov) appeared in the press first as an agricultural journalist. The main theme of his oeuvre is the Belarusian countryside and the social processes that took place there in the 1920s – 1930s. In 1927 he published his first story. Symon Baranovykh worked in the Belarusian radio centre, then as the executive secretary of the "Belarus Kalgasnaya" journal, in the library of the Writer's House. He was friends with Yanka Kupala. After the publication of the novel "New Road" in 1936, he left the service and decided to devote himself entirely to writing.

The young writer, who craved to create new novels and stories, only managed to try his pen until that unforgettably monstrous night on November 3, 1936, when he was groundlessly arrested, exiled to the Novosibirsk Region, and then to Kolyma, from where he was not destined to return. History repeats itself, unfortunately... Symon Baranovykh died in the prime of his life, far from his homeland, Belarus. Circumstances were such that he could not carry out his plans, of which he had many. But what he managed to do puts his name next to the best prose writers of that time. His works are an original, interesting and bright page in the development of the national literature.

The exhibition presents a collection of stories "Anger", stories "Someone Else's Land", "Boundaries", "New Road", a story for children "Trap", the novel "When the Sun was Rising", a collection "New Road", writings in journals and literary collections, translations.

Literary criticism about the life and work of Symon Baranovykh complement the display.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.
Entry is by a library card or by Social and Cultural Center ticket.

For more info: (8 017) 293 27 16.

Special Collections Service Department.

A virtual project "On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life", is dedicated to the literature and writers of the interwar period (1920–1930).



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