MainEventsEventsA big animated exhibition of wax figures, 3D-pictures and photo face stand-in cutouts
We invite you to participate!

A big animated exhibition of wax figures, 3D-pictures and photo face stand-in cutouts

A big animated exhibition of wax figures, 3D-pictures and photo face stand-in cutouts
Other events
February 7 – June 7
10:00 – 21:00
room 104

Have no idea how to entertain your children and how to make them put their smartphones aside? Then go to the National Library!

We invite you to change the kingdom of the Tablet Internet for a real encounter with heroes of favorite cartoons and immerse in the world of optical illusions.

A BIG interactive exhibition of wax figures “Fairy journey” opens on February 7 in room 104.

Союзмультфильм, Мельница, Walt Disney, PIXAR… Marvelous painted and computer worlds of these and other animation studios came from TV screens. Half a hundred of popular figures – heroes and villains – wait for you on a big two-storey platform to entice you away in the world of fantasy and unbelievable adventures!

It will be interesting and funny to EVERYONE! Giggle balls invite the smallest and the most curious. A company of supermen – an incomparable Batman, a brave guard of the planet Pandora Avatar, and funny heroes of the Ice Age cartoon – a clumsy ground sloth Sid, Opossum, a saber-toothed squirrel Scrat.

And parents won’t be bored! Every adult will find objects of nostalgia and would like to stop to greet old friends. Here is an uncatchable Bunny and an exhausted Wolf with his “Hey, Hare, now I’ll show you” phrase, a sweet tooth Carlson and mademoiselle Freken Bok with her secrets of perfect upbringing. Of unbelievable seizes Barbie, Vasilisa the Wonderful, White and Red Queen will attract attention of little princesses. And young travelers will have sea voyages with Sindbad the Sailor, a resourceful Jack Sparrow and an encounter with a sly captain of the Flying Dutchman Davy Jones. You will meet heroes not only of modern cartoons but also of Alexander Pushkin’s fairy tales. Luxurious property of King Saltan and the palace of the Shamakhan Queen, a modest fisherman’s house, and by the entrance to a mysterious Lukomorie you will meet a smart Cat and a Mermaid on a branch.

And it’s not the end! You can take an unusual photo near unusual installations with optical illusions. You’d better not believe everything you see. Creators of works used the abilities of the light, color and its shades to make spectators believe in wonders which in reality do not exist. Photo face stand-in cutouts and 3D-pictures will take you to the sea bottom, to Madagascar or to the king’s table in the Wonderland. By the way, a place near Alice has already been reserved for you! Hurry up!

Each period of time has its own heroes. They fall into history and new favorite heroes appear. But they all are connected with childhood, words “Mum, turn on a cartoon”, a lively laughter and a belief that the Good always defeats the Evil.

We wait for you:
Monday – Friday 10:00–21:00
Saturday – Sunday 10:00–18:00

Since June:
Monday – Friday 10:00–20:00
Sunday – DAY OFF

The last Monday of the month – a clean-up day.

Don’t forget to take a camera, good mood and a company of good friends!

Contact phone: (+375 17) 266 37 37.



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Symbol of Belarusian National Culture


Exhibition project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre is on show in the Atrium Gallery (3rd floor) of the National Library of Belarus.

Temples of Time, Memory, Thought...


All Belarusian librarians celebrate their professional holiday, the Day of Libraries every year on September 15. The book exhibition "Temples of Time, Memory, Thought..." is timed to this day. It is located in the circular corridor on the 2nd floor of the National Library of Belarus.

Minsk Mosaic


The National Library of Belarus congratulates residents and guests of Minsk on City Day and invites everyone to visit the festive book exhibition “Minsk Mosaic”.

Beauty Will Save the World


The thematic exhibition "Beauty Will Save the World!" is on show in the Periodicals Reading Room (106) from September 3 to October 30.

The Future Belongs to Youth!


The exhibition "The Future is for Youth!" dedicated to the International Youth Day. It's on show in the Official Documents Service Department (room 207) from August 7 to September 14.

National Sanctity


The Library has organized an exhibition dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the appearance of the miraculous Zhirovichi icon of the Virgin and the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Stavropigial Men's Holy Assumption Monastery.