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Breadth of the Poetic Eye

Breadth of the Poetic Eye
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February 20 – March 19
10:00 – 19:00
Room 205

Breadth of the Poetic Eye is an exhibition which is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian poet, Mr Grigory Borodulin (1935-2014). The exhibition is on show in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from February 20 to March 19.

Mr Borodulin was born on February 24, 1935, in Ushachi. He called himself a poet of the philological generation, whose representatives were our famous poets: Mr Neil Gilevich, Mr Gennady Buravkin and Mr Grigory Borodulin himself. The three giants of Belarusian literature, three members, three 1959 graduates of the BSU Philological Faculty.

Mr Borodulin's talent came during the school years. His first poem, On the Wildlands, was published in 1953 in the newspaper Red Shift. Later it was the main content of the author's first book named New Moon over the Steppe (1959). Then came the collections of lyrics Green, Beautiful and Batten (1961), In One Gulp (1963), Untouched (1966), Adam and Eve (1968). In these books, the poet speaks with the reader about the strength of the foundations of national morality and ethics, the talent of the Belarusian people and its rich spirituality. In the poems, he comprehends the themes of the era: the war seen by children's eyes, the care of the post-war years, the present and future of the planet.

Mr Grigory Borodulin became the winner of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of Belarus (1976) and the Yanka Kupala State Prize (1976), was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the Badge of Honor, the Francis Skorina Medal, and the Latvian Three Star Order. The poet was elected the Honorary Doctor of the University and the Honorary Citizen of Ushachy district. In 1992, he was awarded the title of the National Poet of Belarus.

Mr Borodulin became Nobel Peace Prize in Literature nominee for the book of poems Ksty.

The exhibition is divided into five parts to show the poet's creative career and life path. Free Word Carrier, The Light of Soul and Talent, Green, Beautiful and Batten, From Language to Language, Confession to God and People.

Our readers can also get acquainted with the monographs and encyclopedias and periodicals with the articles about the life and work of the poet.

In total there are more than 330 publications in the exposition.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.

Admission is by library card or by the ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16.

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