MainEventsEventsThe Best Books of Belarus: an exhibition based on the results of the 59th National Book Art Contest
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The Best Books of Belarus: an exhibition based on the results of the 59th National Book Art Contest

The Best Books of Belarus: an exhibition based on the results of the 59th National Book Art Contest
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February 18 – April 18
3rd floor, ring corridor

From February 18 to April 18, the library (3rd floor, ring corridor) hosts an exhibition of publications awarded by the 59th National Book Art Contest.

Every year, starting from 1960, the results of the work of Belarusian publishers are traditionally summed up by the republican contest named Book Art. The Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus is its founder. The purpose of the contest is to develop the art of the Belarusian book, increase its competitiveness, artistic and printing culture. This is a kind of creative report by publishers, artists, typographers, who created the best examples of printed materials for the past year.

This year 35 publishers with 180 publications participated in the competition. Less than half of them entered the shortlist, the jury selected the winners in 16 categories: main, thematic, special and personal.

The highest award of the competition was awarded in the Triumph nomination to the publisher Mr Denis Romaniuk for the book Belarus.Temple and Scape. He was awarded the honorary symbol Golden Tome and an honorary diploma named after Francysk Skaryna. The winners of all other nominations were awarded honorary symbols of the Golden Tome and special diplomas.

The winner’s in the nomination For Contribution to the Preservation of Spiritual Heritage was awarded to the National Library of Belarus for the facsimile publication Brest Bible.1563.

Mr Vladimir Dovgyalo was recognized as the best illustrator for illustrations to the book Charadzeyny Piarsstsionak, the best designer was Mr Vladimir Lukashik for the books by Mr Vasily Gigevich Vostrau and by Mr Ales Badak Razvitanne z Vechnastiu and the series of books Napisanae Zastaetstsa. The jury named Mr Andrei Shchukin as the best photographer for the author’s photography for the book Taste of the Belarusian Сuisine.

The National Library of Belarus sincerely congratulates the winners of the Book Art and invites everyone to get acquainted with the best editions of Belarus in 2019.

For more info: (8 017) 293 29 80.

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The Written Remains


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The international community celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year. Earth Day is an international campaign, it is the largest civil event in the world, which is associated with the emergence of the modern environmental movement. The exhibition project "EcoChallenge" is dedicated to this day. Posters and books on environmental topics from the collections of the National Library of Belarus are presented there.

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