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The National Library will uncover the secrets of a mysterious publication at the Minsk International Book Fair

The National Library will uncover the secrets of a mysterious publication at the Minsk International Book Fair
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February 5
12:40 – 19:00
Minsk, 14 Pobediteley Ave.

On February 5, during the opening of the 27th Minsk International Book Fair, the National Library of Belarus will try to uncover the secrets of the most mysterious edition of the 16th century.

The first event of the entire exhibition (immediately after its grand opening) will be the presentation of the publishing projects of the National Library dedicated to the main book of last year – the Brest Bible. Exclusively for the exhibition, the main library of the country has released a new edition that will reveal many secrets of a mysterious rarity.

In fact, the National Library prepared four publications at once. The publications will be well-presented to the public!

The first of them is actually a facsimile reproduction of the largest, most beautiful and expensive Belarusian book of the past centuries – the Brest Bible of 1563, which became an extremely important event of the past year. Presentations of the edition were held not only in different cities of Belarus but also at world book exhibitions and fairs (for example, in Frankfurt and Moscow). The edition only sparked additional interest in the famous book monument but did not uncover many of its secrets. Therefore, three new editions soon appeared.

A scientific monograph was published by the Deputy Director General – Director of Research and Publishing Activities, Alexander Susha, exclusively for the exhibition. The monograph reveals a number of unknown or little-known pages in the history of the famous book. The author created a well-illustrated monograph. He not only described the circumstances of the creation of the book monument but also made an attempt to comprehend its significance as a work of art, a printing masterpiece, its religious value, the fruit of the literary and scientific labour of our ancestors, as well as an important artefact of our time.

A little earlier the world saw a set of reproductions of the most beautiful and representative pages from the Brest Bible, which are made in the original size and convey all the beauty and significance of the rarity of the 16th century.

Finally, we want to mention a wonderful electronic edition dedicated to Brest, its history and cultural heritage. The publications gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with materials about the Brest Bible in a modern way.

The presentation will take place on the central venue of the National Stand of Belarus immediately after the grand opening of the 27th Minsk International Book Fair (Minsk, 14 Pobediteley Ave.). Beginning at 12.40.

Everyone interested is invited! We look forward to welcoming you!


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