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The Belarus Libraring Longread to be Presented

The Belarus Libraring Longread to be Presented
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December 19
room 346

Why do we have libraries if everything is on the Internet? Today this is one of the most popular issues discussed at various venues from scientific conferences and mass media to friendly gatherings.

The answer is the new online resource of the National Library of Belarus: the longread Belarus Libraring (in Russian: Беларусь Библиотечная).

Here you will find the information about the network of libraries in Belarus and learn about the work of the largest of them. Also, you will discover interesting facts, take virtual tours, and watch video and photographs of the most outstanding events in the library sphere.

The event starts on December 19 at 11.00 in the Educational Technology Hall (room 346).

Free admission.

For more info: (+375 17) 266 37 70.


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Recreated Masterpiece


The Book Museum will host the opening of an unusual exhibition titled"The Recreated Masterpiece" on March 30. A unique copper plate of the 17th century will be shown together with a portrait of the King and Grand Prince Jan III Sabieski recreated from it using the ancient technology of engraving for the first time.