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Encyclopedia. National Project

Encyclopedia. National Project
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December 17 – February 17
Book Museum (room 347)

Belarusians are succeeded as a nation. The creation of the Belarusian Universal Encyclopedia is strong evidence for the fact. The exhibition “Encyclopedia. National Project” associated with its 50th anniversary will take place on December 17 at 4 pm in the Book Museum.

“A nation that has its own emblem, anthem, flag, primer and encyclopedia is recognized as a state nation", - we confirm with the classic of Belarusian literature Maxim Tank. The Universal Encyclopedia is a symbol of nation and state. Multivolume publications on the pages of which the stock of knowledge of mankind is concentrated, on which intellectuals worked, the best scientists of their time, became a distinctive phenomenon in the cultural life of every nation.

The exhibition presents the history of European encyclopedic publications from ancient times to the present. Among them: the prototype of European universal encyclopedias – "Natural History" Pliny (in the Lyon edition of the 16th century), the first encyclopedia of the modern type, the book masterpiece of the Enlightenment - French "Encyclopedia, or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts, and Crafts" D. Diderot (1751–1780), the most authoritative universal encyclopedia in English - "Britannica" (1875–1888), the most successful German – "Brockhaus Encyclopedia" (1882–1887), universal encyclopedias in the national languages of Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine (19th-20th centuries).

The special section of the exhibition introduces the history of the national encyclopedic project, includes the Cyrillic lexicons of the 17th century, archival materials and publications reflecting the first attempts to create a Belarusian encyclopedia in the 20-30s and 50s. of the 20th century, and also unique documents, photographs, work and creative materials of the second half of the 20th century by the team of Belarusian encyclopedists led by the executive editor, Petrus Brovka. In the center of the exposition is the publication, whose anniversary we are celebrating, the first, in the history of the Belarusian people, universal “Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia” (BelSE, 1969–1975), as well as the national universal encyclopedia of the sovereign state of the Republic of Belarus - “Belarusian Encyclopedia” (1996-2004).

There are the best national and international awards-winning books of the publishing house “Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopedia” in the exhibition area of the 3rd floor.

The exposition is based on materials from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, the publishing house “Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopedia”, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, the Literary Museum of Petrus Brovka (a branch of the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature).

The exhibition "Encyclopedia. National project” will work daily in the Book Museum until February 17, 2020, except Mondays and public holidays.

Admission is by library card or by the ticket of the library's Social and Cultural Center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 22.

Bibliology Research Department

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