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Unknown Original of Brest Bible

Unknown Original of Brest Bible
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October 10
Book Museum

On October 10 the opening of the "Unknown Original of Brest Bible" exposition will took place in the Book Museum.

For the first time a unique exemplar from a private collection, which survived more than 450 years and has its own incredible story, will be presented to the general public. The copy have never been exhibited, and it is even little known and unexplored in the scientific world.

Brest Bible is an unusual and mysterious book, which is still in the midst of the scientific debate and has acquired many hypotheses. Today in the world collections there are about 130 copies. Copies stored in Belarus in public and private collections, can be counted on the one hand.

The exhibition will be held as part of the series of events "Touch the Brest Bible". It is a unique opportunity to see the original edition of the most mysterious book in the country's history, the famous Brest Bible.

Location: Book Museum (room 347).
Time: 4 p.m.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 81, 293 27 82, 293 25 03.

Read more about the opening of the exhibition "Out of the Shadow: the Unknown Original of the Brest Bible."


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