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A Trip around the Outskirts of the Past

A Trip around the Outskirts of the Past
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July 10 - September 2
Belarusian literature reading room (2nd floor, room 205)

From July 10 to September 2 in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room. 205) runs "A Trip around the Outskirts of the Past", a book exhibition timed to the 80th anniversary of Lev Kozlov, runs in the Belarusian literature reading room (205), from July 10 to September 2.

Historian, Prof. Lev Kozlov has worked for many years as a teacher at the BSU, Belarusian Pedagogical University named after M. Tank and the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. Since school years he has been fascinated with the legendary pioneers, who had created the first maps, and this interest predetermined his creative career. Now, historical geography and cartography of Belarus is among his scientific interests. He works on ancient maps, and colleagues call him “the Belarusian Mercator”. Lev Kozlov is sure that maps can tell even more than chronicles, historical documents or memoirs.

He is a member of the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs, the National Geographic Association (US), and the Global Trade Leaders’ Club. His publishing house "Arti-Fex" is a winner of the gold "Europe Award" (Paris, 2001).

The offered exhibition presents the main works of Lev Kozlov, including "Belarus on Seven Boundaries (the 11th – early 20th century)", a popular science album "Ancient Cartography of Belarus" in 3 editions, "Belarus in the Works of Polish Cartographers", "Polesye on Old Maps" and others. In addition, the "Great Historical Atlas of Belarus" in three volumes (co-author Lev Kozlov) is on display.

Visitors will be interested in such literary publications by Lev Kozlov, as a book of historical anecdotes "With the Permission of the King and the Grand Duke," a collection of jokes of all time "The Great Wit Museum", historical trilogy, "Radziwill the Orphan" (Vol. 1), and a collection of poems published under the pen name of Platt Gudovich.

The exposition also includes pictures and illustrative material. More than 50 documents are presented.

The opening hours of the exhibition corresponds to the opening hours of the library.
Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16.


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International Exhibition "Belarus and the Bible"


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Meeting with Nobel Laureate Kenneth Brockman


The meeting with Nobel laureate Kenneth Brockman will take place in the library within the framework of the exhibition project "Belarus and the Bible" on September 23.

Between Light and Darkness


“Between Light and Darkness”, a book and illustrative display timed to the 445th anniversary of the prominent Italian painter  Caravaggio, runs in the fine arts reading room (306), from September 14 to October 8.

Famous Libraries and Librarians


“Famous Libraries and Librarians”, an exhibition timed to the Day of Libraries in Belarus, runs in the circular corridor on the second floor, from September 10 to October 10.