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Grigory Beryozkin: Past and Future Times Connection

Grigory Beryozkin: Past and Future Times Connection
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From June 29 to July 31
Belarusian Literature reading room (room 205)

The exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Grigory Beryozkin (1918-1981), literary critic and theorist, is held from June 29 to July 31 in the Belarusian Literature reading room (room 205).

From the very beginning of his creative path Grigory Beryozkin was distinguished by high competence, deep erudition in everything that was connected with fiction. He did not have academic degrees and titles, he did not teach, but, as Ales Adamovich wrote, "the authority of the critic Beryozkin in our literature has always been extremely high".

A great expert of poetry and and poet at heart, Grigory Beryozkin have said on almost all the main Belarusian writers: Maxim Bogdanovich, Mikhas Charot, Petrus Brovka, Arkady Kuleshov, Pimen Panchenko, Aleksey Pysin, Ryhor Borodulin and others. However, there is a poet, to whom the researcher devoted most of his works and considered his works as the highest example of poetry, – Yanka Kupala. In the Beryozkin’s book about Kupala, which is presented at the exposition, Grigory Beryozkin considered, comprehended and showed the scale of the national poet of Belarus.

The readers could also learn the reviews collections by Grigory Beryozkin and biographic essays about Arkady Kuleshov, Pimen Panchenko etc. written with serious and profound analysis, clear thought, knowledge of the theory of poetry and a clear style. The books of the researcher give a vivid idea of the development of Belarusian poetry in the late 30–70s of the 20th century.

The other part of the exposition is devoted to the work of Grigory Beryozkin as a compiler, who was interested not only in the problems of modern Belarusian literature, but also in the issues of origin, formation of national literature, and interaction of literatures of different peoples. Among the books presented in this section you can find collections of poetry by M. Lermontov, A. Pushkin, A. Morkovka and others.

At the exhibition there are also materials about the life and creative path of the literary critic.
The exposition contains about 70 documents.

You can found the book by Grigory Beryozkin in our electronic catalogue.

The opening hours of the exhibition corresponds to the library’s opening hours.
Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16.


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