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Spring in Your Hearts and Behind the Window: Happy Holiday, Dear Ladies!

Spring in Your Hearts and Behind the Window: Happy Holiday, Dear Ladies!
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9.00 - 10.00

”Bless the Women – and Beware!”, a concert dedicated to the splendid spring holiday, the Women’s Day, was held in the library, on 7 March.

They say the woman on shipboard is an omen of misfortune. We strongly disagree! Woman on shipboard, in the house and at work means a full stomach, comfort, beauty and unrestrained fun. In all this, the library staff was able to make sure today, during the festive "sea voyage".

The Captain of the Ship – Director of the National Library of Belarus, Roman Motulsky, expressed sincere congratulations and recited a fine poem devoted to ladies. These lines were congratulation to not only the library employees, but to all Belarusian women: this morning Roman Motulsky recited it on the STV Channel program "Ranitsa. The Good Mood Studio”.

The anchor has been heaved, the sails spread, and now the ship is taking viewers to the sea of creativity, good mood and popular hits of the 80s, and on the deck a bright spring show program is unfolding.

Ladies enjoyed performances of the dance potpourri duet Good Show, the band Provocation and the artist of the National Academic Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus, Ilya Silchukov.

The talented library employees, Vasiliy Prus, Natalya Zhivolkovskaya and Leonid Krivtsov, sang the old Soviet hits of the 1980s. The charismatic artists, Natalya Bashkirova and Victor Litoshik, performed humoristic sketches about what could happen if man went to holiday without his wife.

Dear ladies – employees of the National Library of Belarus! Be always healthy, happy, beautiful and ready for the most unexpected journeys! We wish you warm weather, passing breeze and a reliable loving companion! Happy 8 March!


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