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Art Exhibition Dedicated to Joseph Conrad's works

Art Exhibition Dedicated to Joseph Conrad's works
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“Atrium” gallery (3rd floor)

The literary and art exposition, timed to the 160th anniversary of writer Joseph Conrad, was organized within the framework of the Polish Literature Month.

Oscar-winning fantastic film "Alien" of Ridley Scott, Hollywood blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island", the disk Desire of Bob Dylan ... Tarantino and Hitchcock, Iron Maiden, Andrzej Wajda and others are in the same series of names. All these talented people are united by a special attitude to the work of Joseph Conrad, an English classic with Polish roots. The writer has become for them an inspirer and thanks to this his work has acquired a new interpretation in modern culture.

Polish graphic artist Krzystof Ostrowski was fascinated by the idea of creating an exhibition after the interview with Tom Hardy about one of the most noted first runs of recent years – the TV series "Taboo". The actor said that the script was inspired by the image of Captain Marlow from the books of J. Conrad.

The exhibition "Passenger of ’Nostromo’" is a "Conrad for Beginners". It reveals the most important pages of the writer’s life and encourages a deeper and more thoughtful acquaintance with his inspirational art.

The first deputy director of the National Library of Belarus Elena Dolgopolova, the adviser of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Belarus, the director of the Polish Institute in Minsk Mateusz Adamski, the deputy chief of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Foreign Office in the Republic of Belarus Jan Fox, and the coordinator of projects of the Documentation and Research Center of Joseph Conrad, co-organizer of the Polish scientific conference "Conrad and (pop) texts" Piotr Zoladz took part in the vernissage.

The exhibition "Passenger of ’Nostromo’ can be visited in the “Atrium” gallery (3rd floor) until 5 February, 2018.
The ending date may be changed.

For more info, please, call: (+37517) 293 28 81, 293 28 23.

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Alien, Bob Dylan, Stephen King, united by Conrad


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