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Soviet Posters About Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition

Soviet Posters About Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition
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If your daily exercises are morning running after trolleybuses and leaning to the computer screen, then, it’s high time to visit the exposition of posters about sport. They will not just bring you back to the old good times, but also remind you that a healthy lifestyle is an eternal and everlasting value.

The library of a new generation is aimed at not only enriching persons with knowledge, but also at strengthening them physically. All conditions are created for it today. No, you don’t have to build muscles with heavy volumes of soviet encyclopedias, and run up and down the library to lose some kilos. Dumbbells, race track and fitness cycle will help you feel good and kip fit!

It’s undoubtedly that those who do physical exercises are ill more rarely, work better, fully enjoy the time of rest. An active propaganda of the physical development and sport was even in the Soviet times, and V. Mayakovski stated: “There are no better clothes, than the bronze of muscles and freshness of skin!”

Healthy society starts with the understanding of the role of sport in every generation. Posters about healthy lifestyle were an important instrument in this movement in the Soviet time. They raised love and interest to sport games and physical exercises. Appeals with exclamation marks “Everyone step on skis!”, “Youth – to the stadiums!” had been planting the idea of a strong physically and spiritually society for several decades. Simple boys, who passionately wanted to be the most skillful, bravest, became champions and professional coaches in future.

The USSR posters as an art movement left in the history of the huge country. Nearly 18 thousand Soviet posters are presented from the fund of the National Library. These posters bring us back to the past and remind a simple fact: a sound mind in a sound body!

The exposition's opening hourscorrespond to the opening hours of the fitness centre.
The entrance to the fitness centre is on the right side.

Contact phone: (+375 17) 293 27 56.


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