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Public Relations Department


The activity of the Public relations department is focused on creating a positive image of the National Library and drawing public attention to library events and services. This large-scale task is carried out by three specialized sections.

Section of Social and Cultural Projects:

  • organizing and holding events including national and international (actions, ceremonies, presentations, round tables, seminars);
  • maintaining and expanding contacts with partner organizations;
  • information sharing about the activities of the library and interaction with the media;
  • providing information about past and upcoming events for the Internet portal of the library;
  • participating in the organization of video shoots about the Library;
  • creating an information archive: a photographic library and a video library;
  • facilitating photo shoots, video recording and filming in the interiors of the library.

Advertising Section:

  • promoting the services of the Library;
  • distributing text and graphic advertising;
  • placing advertisements on the outdoor electronic light board of the Library.

International Relations Section:

  • building cooperation with diplomatic missions, foreign libraries, information and public institutions in the field of professional, cultural, intellectual and documentary exchange;
  • developing and implementing international projects and programs;
  • supporting a positive image of the Library in the international arena as the largest and leading information and socio-cultural center in Belarus.

Lease of premises

Structure and staff

Head of the Department: Svetlana Kravtsova
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 62 (internal number 77 62)
Fax: (+375 17) 293 25 81
Room 322

1. Social and Cultural Projects Section
Head of the Section: Oksana Kazachenko
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 67 (internal number 77 67)
Room 318
Specialists of the Section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 56 (internal number 77 56)
Room 318

2. Advertising Section
Head of the Section: Dominika Tarmola
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 65 (internal number 77 65)
Room 316
Specialists of the Section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 28 25 (internal number 78 25 )
Room 316

3. International Relations Section
Head of the Section: Hanna Kavalienka
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 64 (internal number 77 64)
Room 207d
Specialists of the Section:
Тел.: (+375 17) 293 28 60 (internal number 78 60)