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Information and Analytic Activity Department

General information

The Information and Analytical Department, formerly the Scientific Information on Culture and Art Department, was established in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR № 244 of August 27th, 1976, "About appropriate measures to be taken for the further development of the branch system of information on culture and art”. Since 2006 the department is part of the Information Center of the National Library of Belarus.


The major task of the division is a representation of the Library’s collections for the development of national culture and art, information support of the national policy in the field of culture and art, scientific researches and projects on the urgent issues of social and cultural life, and also information support and coordination of activities in the field of formation of the Electronic library of the National Library of Belarus.

Main functions of the division:

  • studying and scientific and information analysis of national and foreign information resources of culture and art;
  • monitoring of information needs of experts in the branch;
  • current and operative information supply of administrative bodies, research workers and other specialists in culture and art;
  • rendering of varied personified, information and bibliographic service to different user categories, including on a contractual basis;
  • information supply and coordination of activities in the field of the development of the electronic library based on the stocks of the National Library of Belarus;
  • participation in the development of particular subject collections;
  • research and methodological work in the field of improvement of information supply of specialists in culture and art;
  • implementation of virtual and publishing projects aimed at promoting the national historical and cultural heritage;
  • formation and maintenance of the Data Bank on historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

Structure and staff

Head of the department: Nina Pratsko
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 19 (internal number: 77 19)
E-mail: Room 203

1.Current information services
Head of the section: Tatiana Poprotskaya
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 43 (internal number: 77 43)
Room 201
Specialists of the section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 25 58 (internal number: 75 58)

2. Analytical information on culture and art
Head of the section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 28 06 (internal number: 78 06)
Room 214
Specialists of the section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 29 69 (internal number: 79 69)

3. Section of formation of the Data Bank on historical and cultural heritage
Head of the section: Ina Vishnevskaya
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 25 25 (internal number: 75 25)
Room 231
Specialists of the section:
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 26 82 (internal number: 76 82)

Information resources


Belarus: from Past to Present

Participation in the development of a combined database dedicated to culture, art, literature and sport.

Belarusian Culture and Art. 1993–2007

The retrospective database which makes the basis of the bibliographic index "New literature on culture and arts" in 1993–2007.

The National Library of Belarus in Mass Media

Information resource containing bibliographic information and full texts of publications on the activities of the National Library of Belarus from printed and electronic domestic and foreign media.

The volume of the database as of March 1, 2021 is 10,596 documents.

International project

The Gold Collection of Eurasia

The major task of the international project is to create the digital collection of most outstanding and valuable editions which represent the cultural features of peoples living in the CIS member countries and manifest historical cultural and spiritual relations between them. At present, the project incorporates about 300 editions from the collections of the biggest national libraries of the CIS member countries. As of now, the total volume of the digital collection amounts to more than 300 documents grouped in 5 thematic areas: "Art"; "Geography"; "Prominent figures"; "Culture"; "History".

The collection of documents representing Belarus contains 107 items (books, lithographs, maps) as of 01.07.2020.

Virtual projects




  • The Culture of Belarus in the 2001-2017 Thesis Research To the day of Belarusian Science.
  • The Salomea Rusiecka’s Odyssey the project, which is a virtual journey through the cities and countries Salome visited. These were Istanbul, Vienna, Nesvizh, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Riga and others. It is based on the memoirs of Salomea Rusetskaya "Echo na świat podane procederu podróży i życia mego awantur ...". The anniversary of our famous countrywoman was included in the UNESCO List of Memorable Dates for 2018.
  • Generals and Commanders Born in Belarus The virtual project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War is a new section of the virtual project "Belarus in the First World War". The project provides biographical information about 33 military leaders, historical information on the combat formations that they led. Some talented commanders acted as military writers and journalists, and the resource introduces their pieces. As an addition, a selection of encyclopedic, biographical and bibliographic publications from the collection of the National Library of Belarus on the topic is presented. The presentation of the project took place on November 8, 2018 as part of the opening of the exhibition “Belarus in the Great War of 1914–1918.”


  • The Person. The Professional. The Human A virtual project-exhibition, dedicated to the life and work of I. Simanovsky (1892–1967). On the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the first Director of the National Library.




  • Belarus in the First World War The virtual project “Belarus in the First World War” (2014) is timed to the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war which scales and consequences had no equal in the antecedent history of mankind. The resource is based on items from the Library’s collections: books, magazines, graphic documents of 1914–1947. Within the framework of the project, about 70 editions are digitized, including more than 10 thousand text pages and about 150 pictures – illustrations, postcards, photos and lithographs. Interesting is a set of fiction by Belarusian authors many of whom were participants and witnesses of those tragic events. The project also features the lithographs of French painter, lithographer, engraver and cartoonist Jean-Louis Forain (1852–1931), revealing the anti-human nature of the war. Digitized materials from the collections of the National Library of Belarus are available in the section “War as a Human Tragedy in Lithographs 1914–1917. French artist Jean-Louis Fauren. "
  • Ice hockey in the world From May 9th to May 25th, 2014, Belarus hosted the 78th Ice Hockey World Championship. The library prepared the slideshow "Ice hockey in the world" based on items from its stocks and public Internet resources.
  • The Easter Day in Belarus The virtual project “The Easter Day in Belarus” (2014) presents the Easter traditions, ceremonies and games of the Belarusians describe the features and recipes of festive dishes. Particular attention is paid to the Easter theme in the works of Belarusian literature.


  • A virtual journey with Yanka Maur The virtual project “A virtual journey with Yanka Maur” (2013) is dedicated to the 130th birth anniversary of the known Belarusian writer and pioneer of adventure, popular scientific and educational genres in Belarusian children’s literature. Books by Yanka Maur allow readers to make a journey to exotic corners of the Earth, and also to most splendid sites of Belarus. The project is a virtual journey to New Guinea (a story "In the Country of the Paradise Bird"), Tierra del Fuego (a story "The Son of Water"), the island of Java (a novel "Amok") and Belarusian Palesse (a story "Palesse Robinsons").


  • Classics of world literature Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas: to the 130th anniversary The virtual project “Classics of world literature Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas: to the 130th anniversary” acquaints with the people writers’ biographies and their creative heritage. Users have remote access to literary works published in periodicals as well as to first books published in the classics’ lifetime from the Library’s collections. Also, the resource contains recorded speeches of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, audio records of their works read by known artists, as well as recorded musical compositions and songs based on the poetry of the Belarusian masters of the word. The resource presents as well illustrations to their works performed by known Belarusian artists. Materials are presented in three languages: Belarusian, Russian and English.
  • The year 1812 in the history of Belarus The virtual project “The year 1812 in the history of Belarus” is dedicated to the events that took place in 1812 in the territory of Belarus. It contains Belarusian and foreign documents including editions of participants and contemporaries of the events of 1812, most important books timed to the 100th and the 200th anniversaries of the war of 1812, and also works of modern researchers dedicated to the military events of 1812 in Belarus. The virtual gallery contains digital copies of works by Peter von Hess, V.V. Vereshchagin, N.P. Krasovsky (from the collections of the National Library of Belarus); Faber du Faur (from the collections of the New York Public library, the USA), and also artists of the 19th century (from the collections of the National Library of France). The project presents as well the survey of monuments and memorable places devoted to the war of 1812 in the territory of Belarus, the chronicles of events timed to the 200th anniversary of military events of 1812, the electronic copy of Ivan Kolodeev’s book collection from the stocks of the National Library of Belarus. Materials are presented in three languages: Belarusian, Russian and English.

Publishing activities


The department provides additional paid services to legal persons: search for information on the topic, information and analytical reviewing, compiling bibliographies, copying fragments of text and graphic document from the library’s collections to an electronic carrier or paper.

Publications of employees