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Documents Digitization Department


The Department's activity is aimed at digitizing documents in order to ensure the preservation of authentic copies of documents and their reproduction, the implementation of additional services for digitizing documents of individuals and legal entities.

Functions of the Department:

  • Digitization of documents with quality sufficient for their reproduction, preservation and further processing;
  • Primary electronic processing of documents;  
  • Quality control of digital copies of documents;  
  • Accounting and preservation of electronic copies of documents;  
  • Implementation of production and technological processes for the creation of electronic copies of documents taking into account the document carrier, equipment for digitization.

Structure and staff

Head of the Department: Zhuk Evgeny
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 29 64 (ext. 79 64)

Software Engineers:
Tel: (+375 17) 293 29 56 (ext. 79 56);
(+375 17) 293 27 96 (int. 77 96)


The Department provides the following services:

  • digitization and copying of fragments of musical works from the library funds to the user's electronic media: from an audio cassette, phonograph record, CD from the collections with saving information to a flash card or user CD;
  • scanning fragments of printed documents from the library with information stored on a flashcard or user CD;
  • scanning card catalogues of libraries, archives and other organizations for the needs of retro-conversion (creating image catalogues, translating into electronic form) with saving graphic files - image cards on a flashcard, user CD;