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Acquisition Department

General information

The division was founded in 1922. At present, the division acquires all kinds of national and foreign editions for the collections of the National Library of Belarus. Annually the Library acquires about 230,000 items in 57 languages.


The division develops a system of library collections reflecting the whole universe of human knowledge to guarantee the citizens’ constitutional right to free access to national and world information resources.

Major functions of the department:

  • development of a comprehensive collection of national documents and documents on Belarusian studies on all kinds of information carriers;
  • formation of a socially important universal collection of documents of the CIS member states as well as foreign countries taking into consideration their information, scientific, historical and artistic merit;
  • development of a reserve library stock for replenishment of acting stocks if necessary;
  • arrangement of exchange collections of the Library, their efficient use in international document exchange and republican exchange and redistribution of doublet and nonspecialized editions;
  • registration of acquired documents and documents removed from library collections, statistical check of stocks movement.

In practical activities in the field of formation of information resources of the National Library of Belarus experts of the division are guided by the following principles:

  • systematic and planned character of the development of library collections and stocks;
  • scientific selection at the maintenance of universal themes of completed documents, their wide chronological and language range;
  • constant cooperation and coordination with leading libraries of the country.

Structure and staff

Head of the department: Aksana Varanieckaja
Теl: (+375 17) 293 25 20 (internal number 75 20)
Room 139

1. Reception of documents and legal deposit section
Head of the section: Elena Matskevich
Тel.: (+375 17) 293 29 50 (internal number 79 50)
Room 043

2. Registration of documents section
Head of the section: Tatiana Ababurko
Тel.: (+375 17) 293 25 18 (internal number 75 18)
Room 133

3. National documents and documents from member countries of the CIS current acquisition section
Head of the section: Inna Goncharenko
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 25 23 (internal number 75 23)
Room 138

4. Retrospective acquisition and reserve stock section
Head of the section: Natalya Maremukha
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 25 59 (internal number 75 59)
Room 155

5. National documents exchange section
Head of the section: Marianna Zhukovskaya
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 25 83 (internal number 75 83)
Room 156
Tel: (+375 17) 293 25 19 (internal number 75 19)

Publications by the employees

Participation in conferences, seminars and round tables